Thursday, November 12, 2020

How Authors & Publishers Survive The Dark Winter



Corona is spreading like wildfire across the United States. The map is bloody red. We are hitting a million known new cases every 10 days. The death toll daily equals five full airplane crashes. How will America survive — and what can authors do to ride out what President Elect Joe Biden predicts will be a “dark winter?”


First, the United States can simply control the pandemic with abstinence— if people do not come in contact with others, it can’t spread. However, shutdowns are never quite complete and the virus will live on. But it can be greatly rolled back with an effective two-week close. Then things slowly reopen, everyone wears a mask, social distances, and washes hands often and thoroughly. 


By next month the vaccine starts to roll out, but it will be a four to six-month period for enough people to access it and for it to take effect. Meanwhile all of those infected start to develop immunity and contribute to creating herd immunity. There is an end game here. I fully expect virtually normal activity by Memorial Day weekend and for summer travel to be brisk.


So, while millions continue to get sick and hundreds of thousands more die — and as we see the economy struggle — authors need a roadmap to survive and even thrive. 


Authors can weather the winter trifecta of corona, flu, and freezing temperatures by remaining calm — and optimistic. They should see the publishing landscape as one offering huge potential, especially come the spring. Good days are ahead.


Second, they should see their current times as one of opportunity. Opportunity to write, research, and edit. Opportunity to market and promote their brand and books. Opportunity to learn new ways to do things and to become proficient at technology and social media. 


Lastly, authors should recognize some truths:


·         The plague has led to a boom in book sales. More time to read.

·         The winter and pandemic will yield more book sales. Nowhere to go, more time to read.

·         Though tens of millions are out of work, stimulus money, unemployment benefits, and gig economy jobs allow the nation to still grow its GDP and stock market. Home sales are booming. People can afford to buy books.


So, dear writer, don’t act out of fear or ignorance. Don’t let the news media psyche you out into thinking the world is ending. Yes, this is the most anxious time to be alive since the Cuban Missile Crisis, World War II, or The Great Depression—but for writers this is a time to create your book, establish your brand, and generate book sales. 


May America survive the dark winter and have a heavenly spring.


Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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