Wednesday, November 25, 2020

The Best Book Marketing Advice Ever!


The best book marketing advice exists, but do you know where to find it? Would you recognize it once you discover it? Can you even act on such advice and execute what others say you should be doing?

Advice comes from people with experience, training, research, observed knowledge, and items picked up from talking to other people.  Sometimes advice comes from instinct and the gut — it is what intuitively feels right. Some advice comes from experimenting or from the imagination. Advice can be deeply personal or universal in nature. You get to decide and prove what works for you.

For advice to be helpful to you, several things need to happen. You:

** Have a way of legitimately evaluating or testing the veracity and accuracy of the advice.
** Are willing to act on such advice.
** Are open to trying out multiple sources of differing advice.
** Try to customize one’s advice to fit your own circumstances, needs, and goals.
** Don’t give up too quickly when acting on one’s advice.

We know that what works for one or a few may not work for many or all. We also know that people cannot act on advice that skips preparatory steps or goes beyond one’s means to implement. Be aware of using advice that is most applicable to your capabilities.

When it comes to book marketing advice, one can read blogs such as, as well as magazines, and books. They can take courses, seminars, and webinars. They can attend writers conferences, join a writers group or book-related association, or hire a consultant. They can talk to fellow authors or pick the brains of publishers, editors, and literary agents. There is no harm to listen to others. You determine when and how to take action. Yes, action must be taken.

Now that is the best book marketing advice ever — or at least that I can offer. Go get a second opinion or three.



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