Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Can A Country On The Verge Of Civil War Unite Through Books?


Trump? Biden? Whomever wins the presidency – and whether we have a blue or red government, half the nation will feel left out and in the cold. We need to come together, and learn to listen to and work with each other. We are misinformed or simply disagreeing on the facts, leading to division, anger, mistrust, and frustration with the process and each other. But we need an end to this. A time to heal. A way to be more productive.


Perhaps a unifying starting place comes with books.


I believe that books could unite us. They can:


·         Correct the record produced by fake news.

·         Inform and enlighten us to discover facts, truths, and common beliefs.

·         Educate the public to understand where our nation falls short or succeeds – and make it better.

·         Show us times in history that were challenging – but that led to progress and unity.

·         Explore how we can improve a nation with policy reform and activism.

·         Entertain us to at least distract and comfort us.

·         Empower us and teach us how to cure our psychological deficits.

·         Reveal how we control our fate and don’t have to rely solely on politicians or government for what entrepreneurs, volunteers, corporations, and charities can attack.

·         Serve to correct the public record of misconceptions, lies, or fact shortfalls.


Books should be written, distributed, and read in even greater quantities than today. The more readers and the more informed these readers become, the better our nation will be.


Books should be consumed more often than we:

·         Watch Netflix

·         Download videos

·         Facebook gossip

·         Tweet rumors and half-truths

·         Blog out or podcast opinions, instead of facts

Our nation’s education system fails America. We have a dumb nation, despite the increased number of college grads over the years. You know it. I know it. Watered-down diplomas leave young adults unprepared to manage life, get a good job, or participate in democracy with any sense of intelligence.

I call upon the book publishing industry to:

·         Publish more books by all sides of the spectrum and keep a diversity of thought in the marketplace.

·         Promote book reading to the literate at a higher pace.

·         Fund the training of illiterates to become readers.

·         Create books that are not just commercial products, but that they make responsible attempts to produce useful books that help us think better, analyze correctly, and share relevant data to clarify public policy directives.

America, wake up from your ignorant slumber. Read books and become a part of the solution.


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