Thursday, November 5, 2020

The 21 Ways An Author Gets Media Exposure!


Every author and book needs publicity to sell a book or build a brand. So what elements are needed for one to be promotable?


Let’s start with these 21 areas:


1.      You hire a publicist or do it yourself. Or both.


2.      Have something to say that is newsy, unique, interesting, or relevant.


3.      Inform, inspire, enlighten or entertain with your words.


4.      You will need to understand which media outlets to contact.


5.      You will need to know how to contact them (by which means).


6.      You will need to know when to reach them and have accurate contact information.


7.      You will have to know which individuals at each media outlet to contact.


8.      You will need a press kit or at least a strong press release.


9.      You will need a quality Web site.


10.  You will need to be attractive to the media.


11.  You will need to have a book and or credentials that appear to be better than others they are contacted by.


12.  You will have to sound and look professional and be coached on media interviewing.


13.  You will need to be persistent and thick-skinned.


14.  Someone knows you or knows someone you know who will put in a good word.


15.  Pray and get lucky.


16.  You need to know what a specific media outlet likes to cover and to present them with something relevant to their demographic of followers.


17.  Display flexibility in scheduling your appearance or in how they want to use you.


18.  You will need to know the timeline or lead time needed for contacting certain media.


19.  You will need to offer exclusives but not to two competing media outlets at the same time.


20.  You will have to be good at following up aggressively but not to the point you become a stalker or harasser.


21.  You must have an opportunistic, confident, and courageous mindset.


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