Sunday, January 17, 2021

This Is Exactly How Authors Sell More Books


How do authors sell books when there is a ton of competition for people’s attention, hearts, and wallets? 

How do writers sell books when they have limited time, budget, skills, or the desire to market effectively?

They need to call on those whom they know, trust, and love.

No doubt one or more of these areas can impact book sales:

** Traditional media exposure.
** Social media outreach.
** Speaking and events.
** Robust networking.
** Targeted advertising.
** Great reviews.
** Excellent testimonials.

But where is the first place all authors should look to garner book sales?

Their own backyard, with the people they know and love, from family and friends, to colleagues, neighbors, former classmates, and other connections they have built over the years.

Here is the formula:  

** Make a list of everyone you know – and separate based on how you know them. Have lists for family, friends, former schoolmates, work colleagues, neighbors, fellow churchgoers, etc.

** Identify those you know well and feel you can lean on.

** Reach out to them multiple times --with many different asks.

** This is no time to be shy about asking for help.

** Unapologetically reach out to your lists – with no excuses— and see who will help you.

Perhaps you will: 

** Barter with them. 

** Cash in a favor.

** Incentivize them to act.

** Get their help based on values alignment.

** Promise to donate to their cause.

** Convince them to rally around your cause.

** Beg and invite guilt, empathy and sympathy to seduce their help.

** Offer a cut of the profits or a flat fee for their help.

Ask them to:

** Post book review on amazon or other sites.

** Make positive social media posts that link back to your book.

** Eblast your book offer to their lists.

** Post something about your book on their blog site.

** Allow you to guest blog on their blog.

** Become a sales affiliate of yours.

** Tell you if they know of other people who might buy your book or be able to help you sell it

Now, this strategy will fail if you don’t know anyone (highly unlikely), don’t ask for help (that is up to you), or have a real lousy book (shame on you). However, if you know some people, and have the courage to ask for help, and your book is not ugly bad, get out there and start registering some book sales!

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