Tuesday, January 12, 2021

250-Year-Old Britannica Hits A Home Run With Kids’ Encyclopedia!


You forget, with the Internet’s research-anything capability, that not long ago we used to look to books for large reservoirs of information. But it is also refreshing to see both co-exist. Yes, the Internet can be great when you know what’ you want to look up, but if you want to be surprised, expose you to things you did not purposely seek out, look no further if you are a teen or tween than Britannica All New Kids’ Encyclopedia!

The newest edition, edited by Christopher Lloyd, provides the reader with images and factoids from over 100 experts. You will learn about science, Earth, revolutions, wars, technology, ancient times, money, law, and so many things our curiosity will embrace.

In an era where facts are fictionalized and fiction or opinion are taken as fact, it is refreshing to see this book. Encyclopedia Britannica has been a trusted name for over two centuries, dating back to 1768!

“We believe that facts matter and we strive for accuracy through rigorous fact-checking of all the information we share, including on every page of this book,” proudly states J. E. Luebering, the editorial director of Encvclopedia Britannica. “Through its more than 250 years of existence, Encyclopedia Britannica has been committed to inquiry and exploration, working with experts and driving innovation.”

The book explores interesting things like:

·         The prospect of alien life in the Universe

·         Why stars twinkle

·         Whether humans could live on the moon

·         How some animals might be able to predict earthquakes

·         Why people dream

·         Different religious beliefs

·         The extinction rate of the world’s 6,000 languages

·         Medical milestones over five centuries

·         The future human, cities of tomorrow, smart tech, and climate change

This type of book is easy to read. Turn to any page and learn something or start to question how things came to be. You can read it for hours at a time or just for five minutes – put it down – and then come back for more. We need books like this one because it covers so many topics, half of which you may not think to look up but enjoy being exposed to once it is right in front of you.

The book notes how the world has gone from one billion people in 1800 to 7.5 billion today. So much has happened to so many people in a relatively short period of time. As knowledge-filled as this book is, it represents a tiny fraction of what is known, and what is known in an even tinier fraction of all that could be known.

Enjoy pursuing knowledge!

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