Tuesday, January 5, 2021

The 17 Things Authors Must Do – NOW!!

Authors have many different ways to market their brand and book, but there are many, many concrete steps all authors should pursue. Here are 17 things any author seeking success should do:

1.      Have a web site. Do not rely on a blog, your social media, or a PO Box. You need a web site.

2.      Make a business card. Do you plan to meet people? Have a card to hand them. Don’t just blurt out an Instagram address. You need a card.

3.      Have a 30-second elevator speech at the ready. No more fumbling when someone asks what your book is about.

4.      Have active social media accounts, choosing amongst Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You tube, Pinterest, and Linked In.

5.      Make sure your web site biography and social media profiles have been revised and updated. No one wants to see outdated stuff.

6.      Seek out some paid book reviews to gain third-party legitimacy for your book.

7.      Develop a daily schedule for marketing activities. Plan to succeed by planning ahead.

8.      Develop either a blog, podcast, or video channel – or all three. Post on a schedule. Create an editorial calendar and stock up on content.

9.      Craft a press kit for the media.,

10.  Create a speaker’s list to pursue speaking opportunities.

11.  Develop several email pitches to pursue:

--Speaking engagements


--Media appearances

--Automated messages for certain situations

12.  Identify content to give away as an inducement to capture the email contact info of those that download the material. This will build your mailing list.

13.  Craft a flier/brochure/postcard about your book that can be mailed or handed out. It is old school, but it works.

14.  Think of who you know and what you can barter with that will help improve your book sales.

15.  Develo0p referral partners, people who can feed you introductions to book sales. Collaborate and strategically form alliances.

16.  Identify where you need help and then hire a pro and/or learn how to do things and attend educational seminars.

17.  Identify who your targeted reader is so you know who you should be chasing down. What do they read? Where do they circulate? What are their demographics? How can you appeal to their needs or desires?

People do business with those they know, trust, like, and see as a resource. Polish your sales skills. The effectiveness of any one strategy will vary from person to person, book to book, but your abilities, energy, and knowledge will play a key role in your success as an author.

Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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