Friday, January 15, 2021

Why Authors Should Not Lose Hope


Many authors are losing hope and faith in the potential success of their books. Are they right that too many obstacles unfairly stand in their way — or do they need to commit to doing more and doing better?

Too many think their books are great — when they are not — and these super-ego driven authors fall into depression when their books fall flat in the marketplace. Too often they think everyone will love their book without making a proper effort to market it, yet believe it should be a bestseller or turned into a Netflix film.

Many other authors, who do have decent books and make some type of attempt to promote them, grow frustrated when they fail to see profitability in book sales.

Are authors right to lose hope in their ability to be successful writers?

All writers can’t be successful, just as all members of any profession will not experience the highest levels of success. Only so many books will win awards, be best-sellers, make headlines, or get turned into a movie. But aside from the top circle of success, there is room for a huge author middle class to flourish, where authors sell books and have their voices heard. That is what most authors should strive to reach.

Authors must operate under these mindsets:

**It is up to me to be successful — no one else is responsible.
**I can do a lot — with social media, speaking, branding, advertising, networking, and traditional media — and should commit to many of these areas.
**If I can’t do something or am not good at it, I need to learn, experiment, or outsource it.
**I must be patient, resilient, focused, and disciplined in my approach.
**I must not sabotage my efforts and need to have a marketing plan that begins six months before my book comes out.

No doubt, it can be frustrating to be an author, similar to how dating can boggle our minds. But, as with dating, we can’t give up on after a series of bad dates or rejections. The book world is highly competitive, cumbersome, and costly — but it is not an uncrackable safe. It just requires fortitude, a good attitude, resources, and a vision.

Great books will find their readership — but not accidentally. It requires intention and effort by authors to see a path to success, and to execute such a plan. Do not give up or use short-term setbacks as excuses to throw in the towel. Keep at it. Do new things. Do old things in a different way. Seek advice. Pay for help. Learn a new trick. Ask for a favor. Have hope and act out of a belief in the power of your book.

But roll up your sleeves. Work hard and often. Take the extra step. Take a risk. Act over think. Dig into your wallet. Trade favors. Push, scrape, crawl and fight the urge to call it quits by reminding yourself of why you wrote your book and of what you hope to accomplish.

You can do it!

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