Saturday, January 2, 2021

Books Fail to Break Top 100 Site Traffic


This past year led people in droves to further find solace in web surfing, seeking to find purpose and meaning — or just a roll of toilet paper — online. So what can we glean from the clicking habits of Americans?

I viewed the top 100 sites, by traffic, according to in November, and the findings reveal some expected things (Google is the most popular site), social media was next (youtube and Facebook), and right after is shopping (amazon). This is what we do: search, socialize online, and shop.

News didn’t come up until No. 12 —, but XXX came up seventh (PornHub). So we are more informed about a MILF doing the dirty deed with a BBC than we are about global issues or neighborhood news.

Ebay, walmart and craigslist were other shopping sites in the top 15. More social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram also rounded out the top 15. No sports, arts, or educational sites cracked the top 15.

Surprisingly apple was 39th, and Netflix was 44th on the list. Not surprisingly, no travel sites made it to the top 100.

Sadly, there was not one book-centric site to break the top 100, though three spots were taken for sites dedicated to weather and five for porn. That is right: no listings for Barnes and Noble, Publishers Weekly, American Library Association, GoodReads, or anything about books, reading, publishing, libraries could be found.

Are our teachers, librarians, parents, publishers, bookstores, non-profits, or government agencies working on a unified solution to help us breakthrough the digital search that clutters America’s minds?

Maybe we need to showcase books on porn, weather, and tech sites?

For books to infuse the soul and transport our mind, we need to see books pushed to the front and center. Otherwise, get used to a society well-versed in rain patterns, that feasts on sexual positions but is book-anorexic.

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