Monday, January 4, 2021

Car Shield For Authors?

During the pandemic, I have been working from home for 10 months, I became inundated with one commercial on television, as I used the background sounds of TV to make up for the lack of office sounds. Car Shield, the auto repair insurance company, has been hawked relentlessly and aggressively by famous pitchmen, including the rapper-turned-actor Ice T. I am almost tempted to get it for my 110,000-mile Buick Enclave. It has occurred to me that authors may want to buy such insurance for their publishing ventures – if it existed.

Car Shield sounds promising, paying for repairs that could run into the thousands, for a mere monthly premium that ranges from $79 to $99 per month. What if authors could insure themselves against the expenses they inevitably face – editing, publishing, promoting, advertising, etc.?

No one would sell such insurance. It is a loser. Authors will no doubt spend thousands, even give figures, to pursue their publishing and promotion dreams. It is an investment, a down payment on fame.

Millions of writers explore how to publish and brand their works because they are passionate and confident about what they have written. They want to change the world, become famous, and make a few dollars, too.

An author’s best insurance policy is to find ways to cut costs. For instance, if you build up your social media sphere of influence, you may not have to pay as much to a promoter to grow your brand. If you land a literary agent and publisher, you don’t have to self-publish. If you build up your speaking and visibility, you make it easier to sell books.

But most authors need professional assistance, wither to establish their brand or to grow it. Even best-selling authors need to make an effort to sustain their success – and to remain relevant and even grow their readership.

Authors need to move forward accepting the realities of what it will take – time, money, luck, and networking – to become relevant, forceful writers can look at insurance differently. The reverse happens – they pay now and then lower premiums later. Thy can insure a bright future by investing now.

So, instead of thinking how to cut corners or spend less now, authors should open up the bank account to get started and positioning themselves for long-term success. See yourself is a new business launching an IPO. But before you draw in investors, invest in yourself. You can be your own Car Shield.

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