Friday, January 8, 2021

How Authors Can Increase Their Web Traffic


How can authors increase traffic to their web site?

Before that can be answered, authors must first address this question? Why do I want more clicks to my site?

Let’s explore why most authors might want more web traffic: 

·         To sell as current or upcoming book

·         To sell backlisted titles

·         To sell another product or service such as a course

·         To charge for others to advertise on the site

·         To build a brand that people would pay to speak

·         To serve the ego and bragging rights

·         To get the attention of a literary agent or publisher

·         To share a message with as many people as possible

·         To raise funds

·         To help a cause

·         To give away a loss-leader freebie

Identifying some or all of the above reasons for why more traffic is desired will help authors to determine a methodology for getting more traffic to the site. For instance, to get a specific book sold, one must seek out potential book buyers of your genre. You won’t look for clicks by tweeting to sports-related tweeters if your book is about turtles, right? Any you won’t advertise your book on marriage to porn sites. Know your readership.

Targeting one’s efforts will make the difference between success and failure.

So what can increase web site traffic? 

·         Affiliate sales

·         Advertisements

·         Boosted posts

·         Social media posts such as on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Linked In

·         Traditional media coverage

·         Speaking appearances

·         Awards won

·         Offers of something free

·         Asking your network for referrals to your site

·         Blogging/ posting

·         Buying mail lists

·         Employing paid search services

·         SEO-proofing your site

·         Revising your site to remain accurate and relevant

You need to set goals. Start by measuring current traffic levels and then set daily, weekly, and monthly benchmarks to be achieved. What gets measured gets improved.

You then need to make a concerted effort to supersize your web site traffic. Observe which activities create the most traffic and start to focus on them and eliminate less productive avenues.

Be prepared to experiment – and to stick with it for a period of time. Don’t overly judge one day’s or one week’s worth of activities and traffic. Stay focused and persistent – and you will grow your web site traffic. Hopefully that growth yields the goals you are seeking to achieve.

Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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