Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Blogging Rules For All Authors


Authors, regardless whether you are launching your first book or your 20th, whether you write fiction, poetry, children’s books, or non-fiction, and whether you self-publish or are with a traditional publisher, indie press, or university press, there is one rule you must abide by when it comes to blogging: You need one.

Here are some truths:

·         You need a web site.

·         You need to be on social media.

·         You need book reviews.

·         You need third-party validation – the news media, testimonials, or other social media to praise you.

·         You need to blog.

Ok, so now that you uncovered this not-so-huge huge secret, that yes, you need a blog like yesterday, there are six more rules you must abide by when it comes to having a blog:

1.      Frequency/Consistency

You should publish your blog often enough to be relevant. Once a week is ideal – it is often enough to remain relevant and fresh, but not burdensome, such as daily, though some people can blog daily. Be consistent: pick a day of the week that you post regularly and don’t make any excuses as to why you are skipping a week. To avoid unforeseen circumstances such as work, health, drama, laziness, brain dead, write a bunch of blogs in advance of their publication date. Store them up so you can never get caught off guard. 

2.      Always Post Credentials At The Bottom Of Every Blog Entry

      End every blog with a few sentences about yourself, mention your website, and include a link to purchase your book.


3.      Blog With A Purpose

Blogs exist to do something – to sell a book, product or service; brand yourself; highlight an important message that helps others; and to be used on your social media posts. Write about something that helps you meet your objectives and goals.  

4.      Persona/Voice Authenticity & Consistency

      Your blog entries, after a while, should have their own fingerprints, meaning your work should be recognizable and distinguishable. You should write in your unmistakable voice and style. Are you a dead serious blog or a funny one? Do you tend to give advice and resources or are you more of a story teller? Do you like to help people or just complain? Be consistent with language, blog length, content, and overall theme, otherwise your blog will be unfocused and lack its uniqueness.  

5.      Add Images

Blogs are all about the words and ideas that you present. A blog has substance and style – but to enhance your blog, use an image with every post. It has been proven that blogs with images get more views.  

6.      Strong Headlines Need Only Apply

      You can have a great blog, but no one will read it unless the headline lures them in. The headline should be short, use keywords when possible, and say something that invites readers in. Make a profound statement. Declare some truth. Trash a myth. Raise an issue. Be racy. Be challenging. Ask a question. Reveal something. Shock us. Lead us. Say something!

Now go write your next blog and stay on schedule. Authors write – not just books – but blog posts, social media posts, byline articles, guest posts, and anything that will help call attention to their book. Blog, blog, blog!

Learn, Grow, Succeed!!

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