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Why Authors Must Promote During The Best Time to Write Books

A friend of mine, author, literary agent, and publishing pro Michael Larsen, penned a story a few years ago entitled “Why Now Is The Best Time To Be A Writer.” He has inspired me to realize that yes, this is the greatest time to be a writer in America’s rich literary history. But it is not without challenges, complaints, and pitfalls, especially during a messy pandemic.

Ingram, the world’s largest printer and distributor, for published and self-published authors, features 18 million titles. That’s a lot of books. This year, well over 1.5 million more titles will enter the marketplace, pushing that catalog ever bigger. Authors may complain they have more competition than ever before, but they also have more opportunities to get published than in any time in our rich publishing history.

Authors may lament they have to market and promote their books. Given that the majority of new books do not come from traditional publishers, authors must toot their own horn or they disappear from the conversation. Even authors published by publishers, including the soon-to-be Big 4, need to actively promote not just their newest book but their author brand.

Authors have no off-season from marketing themselves. Whether they are months or years in between books, they have a demand placed on them by the realities of today’s world. They must always build their brand, and spend some time planning or executing a marketing campaign.

Authors have more ways than ever before to market themselves. They can: 

·         Speak at a conference, bookstore signing, or event

·         Conduct a seminar

·         Be active on a variety of social media platforms

·         Be a blogger and guest-post on the blogs of others

·         Advertise in a variety of ways and different mediums

·         Apply for book awards and contests

·         Secure grants or raise money via a GoFundMe campaign

·         Generate traditional media coverage exposure, such as TV interviews, newspaper book reviews, magazine feature stories, newsletter articles, etc.

·         Be a podcaster and be interviewed by podcasters

·         Have a You Tube channel

·         Use their website to sell books

·         Network online or in person

Michael Larsen’s advice is sound, just as it appeared in an article adapted from a talk he gave to the Women’s National Book Association, SF Chapter. He said:

·         “Your future depends on your ability to communicate through your work and to your communities. Success will take longer than you’d like, because the impact of your efforts will be cumulative. But if you persevere, success is inevitable.”

·         “Be a contentpreneur by reselling your content and services in as many forms, media, and countries as you can. How-to books offer more opportunities for this than fiction.”

·         “Make everything you do sell everything else you do. Keep publishing books that sell each other, and you will keep generating more synergy and opportunities.”

Is now the greatest time to write a book? Absolutely! Keep on writing – and marketing – and you can make this the greatest time not just for writers, but the world.

Check out Larsen’s complete article:

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