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17 Ways Authors Succeed – Always!


I have read hundreds of books on sales, marketing, and publicity. Wait, no, it has got to be in the thousands. I constantly go to the bookstore and look at what new books are telling people to do in order to grow sales, become famous, develop a brand, and be persuasive. I also look at books that were published 20, 30, or 50 years ago, to see what another generation or two of thinkers, leaders, and doers had done. I even promoted a number of these books by best-selling authors, including Todd Duncan, Ken Blanchard, Seth Godin, Neil Rackham, Harvey Mackay, Robert G. Allen, John C. Maxwell, and Og Mandino . Most of these books overlap in what they say should be your approach. Here’s what I see many of them saying – and what I believe is a truth you should embrace:


1.             See sales everywhere, all of the time.  Opportunity doesn’t just knock on your door. It is all over the place. You need to see it, pursue it, seize it. Have opportunistic thinking dictate your day. You create your own opportunities – don’t want for them to arise.


2.             Dress for success. Even in, or especially because of, our era of dressing like zoom nomads, dressing up can still help you stick out in a good way.


3.             Have an elevator speech at the ready. Know what your unique selling proposition is. Be ready to say who you are, why your book is interesting, and how you can help or entertain others with your book.


4.             Be efficient with your time. Time is too precious to waste it. Get others to help you. Be organized. Reduce the length of -- or eliminate -- any meeting. Work hard – and smart.


5.             Be persistent. You need to follow-up, take notes, and push again. Most people might initiate something. A bunch will follow-up just once. You need to differentiate from others and stay on potential opportunities like a bloodhound on a hunt.


6.             Have a plan to succeed. Create a long-term, Short-term, and daily plan. Be prepared to alter it, but have a path to succeed or you’ll succeed at failing.


7.             Be ready and willing to do what it takes. Stay focused, make sacrifices, and work hard. Many people won’t, can’t, or forget to do something. Not you. Do what others fail to do.


8.             Build a list of potential customers/readers. Generate a list by networking, advertising, giving free content away, having a newsletter, making public appearances, and getting people that you know share these lists with you.


9.             Learn daily. Your education never ends. Listen to others. Attend seminars. Read books, blogs, and articles. Grow by learning more.


10.         Do what is right. Be ethical. Do what is the right thing. Don’t be a sucker or a fool – but follow a good moral compass.


11.         Be positive and optimistic. Avid negative people or negative self-talk. Believe in yourself.


12.         Avoid excuses. You won’t grow by blaming others when things don’t go your way. Take ownership for yourself.


13.         Know your limitations. Reach far and high, but accept your barriers and limitations so that you can focus on what is realistic and within your means.


14.         Take the initiative. You don’t win by reacting to others setting the agenda. you will always play catch-up. Take the initiative and launch something.


15.         Smile, laugh, and be nice. Move people from pain to pleasure. Making others feel good about themselves or happy will make the process of winning them over much easier.


16.         Be helpful. Be yourself as the solution. Be kind, selfless, and emotionally present for others. By doing a small favor, unasked, you could get a big pay-off.


17.         Always network. People have access to what you need and want, so get yourself connected to more people – and the right ones. 


“We live in a world that doesn't just encourage over-talking but practically demands it, where success is measured by how much attention we can attract: get a million Twitter followers, become an Instagram in-fluencer, make a viral video, give a TED talk. We are inundated with YouTube, social media, chat apps, streaming services. Did you know there are more than 2 million podcasts, which have produced 48 million episodes? Or that more than 3,000 TEDx events take place every year, with up to 20 wannabe Malcolm Gladwells participating in each one? Or that Americans sit through more than a billion meetings a year, but think that half are a complete waste of time? We're tweeting for the sake of tweeting, talking for the sake of talking.”

—TIME Magazine January 30, 2023


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