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Interview With Author Robert Lee Warren



1. What inspired you to write this book?

Honestly, even though I live a cripple lifestyle now, I have been incredibly blessed with an amazing life and have an incredible, loving, fun, and caring family here at Cripple Creek.

After daydreaming about all of our wild and exciting adventures out into Alaska's vast wilderness over the years, and reminiscing about how incredibly epic and grand it was to meet my cousins at The Gates of Heaven, I felt the urge to share the magnificent beauty of Alaska and some of the incredible journeys we were blessed to go on throughout the Great State, and needed to share just how truly remarkable and glorious it was to be in God's presence.


2. What exactly is it about and who is it written for?

From Alaska to Cripple Creek, With God by My Side, is an inspirational story about the journey of an incredible, amazing young man, starting with how he grew up as a wild child in the middle of nowhere Alaska, and ending with life still thriving as a quadriplegic at Cripple Creek.


It is a story about God, strong family love, and living life to the fullest, even as a quadriplegic, all while being thankful in return.


From Alaska to Cripple Creek, With God by My Side, is a book full of many action-packed stories about all of the great Alaskan outdoor adventures Robby was blessed to go on with family and friends while he lived there, and also has many facts about the great state listed as well. The book also includes many adventures Robby has been on since becoming a quadriplegic, and it is amazing to hear his inspirational and motivational outlook on life as he shares the daily challenges of what it is like to live life as a quadriplegic.


It has been 12 years since the accident, and even though he cannot move anymore, he still believes that God has truly blessed him, with an amazing and wonderful life. In the story, Robby shares the relationship he has had with God over the years, and tries to find different ways to explain how God's love has helped him get through even some of the hardest times in life.


3. What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

I wholeheartedly believe that God allowed my cousin Joey to save me again, knowing that it would happily bring us all together here at Cripple Creek, and inspiring me to write the book.

The book was written to spread the wondrous joy of life and to share the magnificent, glorious love God has for all of us, and all He has to offer. As the author, I personally hope the book is inspirational and motivational to all those who read it.

 Hopefully, the book can bring a little inner peace to those who are in pain because of a recent loved one passing, and will steer those who tend to have a “Negative Nancy” outlook on life down the road in a new direction… A direction to a clean, clear, fun, loving, caring, and exciting life!!!


4. How did you decide on your book’s title and cover design?

To be completely honest, after I “Dubbed” our property Cripple Creek, the title of the book was not very hard to come up with. I wanted to share my incredible journey through life and have always been close to God, so From Alaska to Cripple Creek: With God by My Side, is not only very fitting for the story I wanted to share, but also has a catchy ring to it. I designed the cover of the book myself using an online program called Kapwing, which has many tools for editing pictures and videos. I knew I wanted the original design of the cover to include something not only very appealing, but also wanted it to include unique aspects of Alaska, like snowcapped mountains and grizzly bears. After creating the original cover, (which took quite a bit of time) I was able to tweak and adjust a few little details, which helped create a stunning picture!!!


5. What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writers – other than run!?

If you have a story that you would like to share, or have always wanted to write a book, but feel like it is too much work and cannot be done, think again!

I am a quadriplegic and was able to self-publish my own book in just one year, using Amazon! There are so many more different avenues and programs nowadays to use in order to self-publish your own book, so to any and all new writers, I strongly recommend writing your story and researching Bowker. They will help you with whatever you need! Writing the story and publishing the book is the easy part, just wait until marketing and distribution, then you are in for a headache!


6. What trends in the book world do you see -- and where do you think the book publishing industry is heading?

 I'm very new to the industry myself, and have only just recently self-published my book in 2021… But I have always loved to read and can tell you that if you are computer savvy, it is not very hard nowadays to publish your own book, and it seems like more and more people are taking advantage of that every day, which is great!

Not really sure where the book publishing industry is headed, but I do know that there are many more self-published authors out there because of all of the available programs online, which only means there are more great unknown stories out there, waiting to be discovered!


7. Were there experiences in your personal life or career that came in handy when writing this book?

Fortunately, I was very blessed with an extremely exciting and incredibly amazing life, so it was not that difficult for me to find the right words to share my story.

All I had to do was write from the heart, which is something I have always loved doing. I also took a writing class while I was enrolled at Pacific Lutheran University, and the professor always loved to read my writings out loud to the class, so I guess I have always just had a knack for writing!


8. How would you describe your writing style? Which writers or books is your writing similar to?

I cannot really compare or relate myself to any other writers, but I enjoy painting a very vivid picture for the reader, and love to share many facts about the state of Alaska without simply just making a statement. If I had to relate my book to another piece or style of writing out there, I would have to relate it to Heaven is for Real, by Todd Burpo and Lynn Vincent.


9. What challenges did you overcome in the writing of this book?

There were many, many obstacles and challenges I had to overcome when it came to writing this book...Starting with the simple fact that I cannot move because I am a quadriplegic cripple, makes it very difficult for all of the obvious reasons. Not only did I have to endure all of the headaches of learning how to publish a book on your own, every time I wanted to work on the book involved either my mom or little nephew or little brother helping me get set up on the computer, which is a major hassle/challenge/headache all on its own.

However, Bowker and Amazon made it very easy to follow through and publish the book, so I felt very accomplished and proud when the project was finally finished!


10. If people can buy or read one book this week or month, why should it be yours?

There are so many great, suspenseful, exciting, emotional, and thrilling books to choose from today, but most of the mainstream media stories you find out there nowadays are all fiction and all alike…

Alaska is known as The Last Frontier, and has more untouched land than any other state in America, with all different sorts of unique wildlife crawling all over it, including big game animals, such as grizzly bear, polar bear, Kodiak bear, brown bear, black bear, moose, bison, and caribou. Alaska is 1/5 the size of the lower 48 states, sitting bigger than Texas, California, and Montana, all combined. The state is made up of a beautiful landscape, and has some of the most spectacular views of mountain scenery in the world, stretching on and on in some places,     as far as the eye can see.

If you are looking for a fun, adventurous, outdoorsy, lighthearted, spiritual, emotional, especially unique, nonfiction experience, and want to read a book that will thoroughly touch your heart and possibly ease your pain, then look no further!

 From Alaska to Cripple Creek: With God by My Side, will not only make you feel like you are in the most majestic and beautiful parts of Alaska, but it will also take you on Robby's incredible journey to The Gates of Heaven, and touch your soul!!!


About The Author: Robby grew up in a really small town in the interior of Alaska, where he was blessed to experience many great Alaskan outdoor adventures, and had the lifestyle of hunting moose, caribou, and bears regularly, during the 21 years he lived there, and called the state home. When he was 24 years old, he broke his neck in an ATV accident, leaving him paralyzed from the shoulders down. He was rushed into surgery shortly after the accident, and sometime during that surgery, he had an out of body near-death experience, leaving no doubt in his mind, that life most certainly does go on after death here on earth, and reassuring him that the love of God is far more glorious than any of us can ever imagine. Robby shares the near-death experience he had at  The Gates of Heaven in very vivid detail, and reminisces about how truly remarkable and glorious it was to be in God's presence. For more info, please see:


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