Thursday, June 8, 2017

Can You Sell 10 Copies Of Your Book Every Day?

How will you sell 10 copies of your book today – and every day this year? Is that a lofty goal – or one that sells yourself short?  Could a strategy to sell at least 10 books a day lead to even more sales?

To reach a goal, you must first set one.  It can’t be pie in the sky or you’ll lose interest once you fall short of it.  Your goal can’t be so insignificant that to achieve it would still mean you accomplished little.  Any goal that you set needs to have a number attached to it, something that’s measurable, realistic, but inspiring.

If one were to average sales of 10 books per day for the year,that would produce 3,650 sales.  For some, that’s a good number; for others, a disappointment.  But I don’t say you should average 10 sales per day, but rather sell at least 10 per day – every day, including weekends, holidays, sick days, and even when you are on vacation.  Come up with a daily plan to strategically secure at least 10 sales every day throughout the year.

To sell just 10 books a day you’d need to make sure you had a number of things in motion.  Let’s start with distribution and marketplace availability.  Theoretically, the more outlets that you sell your book, the more chances for a sale.  How many bookstores, or websites are selling your book? Can you increase that number?

Second, how many affiliates do you have selling for you?  Affiliates are third parties that get a commission for every book sold.  For instance, you or anyone can be an Amazon affiliate.  Every time someone buys a book by clicking through a coded link on your site, you get a 5% commission on the sale of someone else’s book.  You, as an author, can arrange for a similar or higher commission, by offering others a chance to post your coded link on their site or circulated in their social media. Incentivize others to schill for you.  There are many websites that act as affiliates.  Track them down.

Third, speaking engagements and public appearances greatly increase your chance of selling books.  Schedule as many bookstore signings, library appearances, and speaking engagements with other stores, non-profits, schools, temples, businesses and associations. Speak for free and sell books.

Fourth, utilize free social media to build up followers and connections that you will sell to.

Fifth, consider inexpensive pay-per-click ads with Google and Facebook.  If it generates sales, keep at it.

Sixth, execute an assertive public relations plan.  Get out there and get local or national coverage with radio, podcasts, television, bloggers, newspapers, magazines, newswires, trade publications, websites, video sites, etc.

Seventh, do guerrilla marketing and employ grassroots tactics.  You need to meet a daily quota so get out there and work it.  First, exhaust your network.  Then ask your network to introduce you to their networks.  Make calls.  Send emails.  Knock on doors. Mail postcards.  Do what it takes to ask for and get sales.  

Think about your targeted reader – just who is it that needs or wants your book: Now go find that pool of people, speak their language, toss them a discount and make things happen.

You have your goal.  Stick to it.  You may very well exceed it.  Don’t give up – get creative, hungry, and smart.  Be optimistic.  We have 322 million Americans.  You need to sell 10 copies of your book today. Make it happen!

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