Tuesday, June 6, 2017

How Can Authors Make Use Of Their Network?

Authors are great communicators, especially when it comes to the written word.  How are they in making connections and networking?  More importantly, how well do they make use of the people in their network?

Writers are always looking to break through,to get a big media hit or land a giant publishing deal, but often they overlook those whom can help them get to where they hope to be.

Everyone has a network, but they first have to realize who is in it.  So step one is to make a list of those you know, regardless of who they are.  List your family members, their spouses, children and in-laws.  Total up your co-workers, neighbors, church or temple flock, people you know from the past, such as school, old neighborhood chums, or members of organizations you used to participate in.  Think of former co-workers, people you dated, and the people you associate with such as a local deli clerk, a friendly waitress, or the guy who delivers your dry cleaning.  Soon you will total more than a hundred names.

Start to note how you know them.  Jot down anything you can recall about them.  Fill in their contact information.  Eventually you will ask them for something, and if they can’t help, perhaps they can suggest people that they know – or people that those people know – who can help you.  It may not be a direct path where you go to a cousin who introduces you to a TV show producer, but you will start to get closer by asking others for help.

Sometimes people don’t realize how they can help you nor do they easily recall all of the people they know who can be of help.  I recommend that you help them help you.  Share your goals, dreams, and vision with them.  Blatantly ask for specific help and then mention a number of things that you need or are looking for.  The people you talk to will hear your passion – even desperation – and feel obligated to enlisting your cause.  Their frame of mind will shift into a more open or welcoming mode and they will keep you front of mind.

Your network today not only consists of in-person, human relationships, but one that exists digitally.  You may have thousands of followers and connections through one or more social media platforms – Linked In, Twitter, Facebook, You Tube, Instagram, Pinterest. You may belong to different online groups and communities as well.  Start working those relationships.  Seek to connect with them, one-on-one online or to talk or meet offline.  Again, share what you are doing and clearly ask for what you need.  Promise to repay the favor and be open to helping them now.

The key here is to look at things with optimism and opportunism.  This comes down to you making a tactical, targeted, and detailed attempt to identify and exploit any relationship you have with anyone who may have something to offer you.  

By deeply and methodically tapping into your lifetime of in-person and online connections, you stand a greater chance of succeeding than you do by just reaching out on your own.

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