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How Authors Can Get Into Their Book Marketing Mojo To Avoid Failure

Many authors market bad books well, so having a mediocre book doesn’t necessarily do them in. Conversely, many who have great books market poorly or worse, don’t market at all. Keep these pitfalls in mind when marketing:

1.      Do you do it often and do it with a plan in mind?

2.      Are you energized and filled with a good attitude?

3.      Do you learn from mistakes and retool to try a new direction?

4.      Do you coordinate with others – publicist, publisher, agent, etc.?

5.      Do you initiate well but lack follow-up?

6.      Do you market half-heartedly and without passion?

7.      Are you marketing to the wrong people or using a means to reach someone with no success?

8.      Do you come off as arrogant, ignorant, disconnected or immature?

9.      Do you forget to be professional, polite, ethical, and sincere?

10.  Do you not share enough info with certain people who can help you?

11.  Do you come off as demanding rather than serving?

12.  Do you lack faith in your book, courage in your outreach, or belief in what you are trying to do?

To be successful at marketing, you need to do many things well -- and often. It can take a toll even on the most experienced marketer who has a true passion for what he or she does.

Sometimes you will find yourself feeling stuck. Perhaps you have had a few missed opportunities or you weren’t able to translate a good speech into a bigger deal. These things can frustrate you.

Maybe you suffered a setback in your life – health issues, relationship problems, a leaky roof, a pet died. They can soak up your emotions, your mental capacity to withstand things, your energy, and your time or your money.

Obviously, you have to persevere and find a way to work through these momentary setbacks. But how?

Try these 10 steps to getting your book marketing mojo back:

1.      Take a break and recharge yourself. You may not be able to take a vacation, but maybe you take the day off, or instead of working into the late hours of the day the way you normally would, lighten the load of your schedule for a few days.

2.      Review your goals and your road map to achieve them. See if adjustments need to be made.

3.      Reward any successes you have had – celebrate!

4.      Remind yourself that you have gotten through tougher times and reassure yourself that you will bounce back.

5.      If you are in a mental funk seek guidance or support from family, friends, children, spouse or significant other, or get some spiritual nutrition from your faith, professional guidance from a life coach, or personal help from a therapist.

6.      Just let yourself have fun. Do what usually makes you happy or helps you escape your mind – go see a show, concert, comedian, movie, sporting event, or go to your favorite club, dance hall, restaurant, bar, or hangout joint.

7.      Do not necessarily try to fight through what is frustrating you by overanalyzing or obsessing over it. Sometimes it is best to just accept a temporary loss, setback, or mishap and move on.

8.      Take a long walk, bike ride, swim, or exercise your way to reinvigoration. Or calm yourself with a good book by the beach, fireplace, lake, or mood-altering location. But don’t use this down moment as an exercise to abuse your addictions, whatever they may be.

9.      Consider meditating or finding a way to visualize a new day, a fresh start, or a chance for cleaning the slate.

10.  Take a nap. You are probably exhausted. Stress, anger, and feelings of loss, frustration, or confusion can take a toll on our minds and bodies. Just rest. Regroup and you will feel like you can get back to where you need to be.


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