Monday, February 25, 2019

Why Authors Must Act On Book Marketing Now

If there is one bit of advice that I can give to any author it would be:  Take action.

Authors are thinkers, not necessarily doers.  They analyze, dream, contemplate, and structure whole worlds and ideologies in their minds.  But too few act and take real steps towards actively promoting and marketing their books.

They mistakenly think, or merely hope, that their publishers will do all that is needed.

They say they lack money or even time to market a book.

They will say they don’t know how to market a book – or worse – they give up too easily and blame factors beyond their control for their failures.

Ladies and gentlemen, all of the above is nonsense.

Authors must work from the frame of mind that action is needed, they must take it, they can in fact see results. It begins with an attitude adjustment.

I know, you think I don’t understand your plight or that I’m of a certain marketing mind that you can’t replicate.  Or you simply feel overwhelmed or confused by the process to promote a book and you feel at a loss.

Get off the pity couch and take action.

Dedicate yourself to marketing your book – every day.  Including weekends, holidays, sick days, busy days, days when your favorite TV show is on, days when the weather calls you to the outdoors, and days when you are helping others.  Make book marketing a top priority and don’t be quick to give up.

So how do you tackle this?
1.      Come up with a plan.
2.      ID resources to implement it.
3.      Act daily, no matter what.
4.      Get help from others.
5.      Think opportunistically, creatively, and timely.

Find the areas you feel most secure about – it could be contacting news media or speaking engagements or networking or social media or other areas.  You don’t have to succeed in all of them. Just exploit your strengths.

Of course, some things can’t be changed easily.  If you miss deadlines or lack a good media pitch or your book really is not very good, no amount of drive, conviction, energy, or take-no-prisoners thinking will lead to great results.  You need to have something to work with and not sabotage your efforts.

Instead of finding reasons why something does not or won’t work, look for ways how it can work.

Instead of feeling alone, in your present, enlist the help of others, even paying them.

Instead of thinking you’re entitled to something, work extra hard to reach it.

Instead of being jealous of others, find out how to replicate some of their success.

Instead of whining, crying, or being lazy, get out there with all of your physical strength, mental capacity, and soulful convictions and make people understand that what you have is really good and that they should not only embrace your book but help spread the word to others.

If you believe in yourself, act.

If you believe in your book, act.

If you want to make a difference, act.

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