Friday, April 5, 2019

Grassroots vs Home Run Book Marketing

Should you promote your book conservatively -- or will you go for a big splash?

Why choose between the two? You should do both – always dig for the person-to-person interactions that you can build on. But also look for the Hail Mary pass downfield to win it all in one long shot. You should work hard and smart everyday but there is no harm in playing the lottery too. 

Devise a strategy that goes for the big score – just don’t ignore or take for granted all of the smaller opportunities that collectively pay the bills and keep you in the game. So how should you think big?

Start making a list of what would be a big deal. Maybe it is getting a company to buy 500 copies of your book. Or it is to get someone to hire you as a consultant for a long-term deal. Maybe it is to make your book a best-seller. Or perhaps you want to win an award. Maybe it is something bigger than all of these things combined. Whatever it is, think what it could be. You won’t attain anything without identifying what it is that you want.

Then ponder this thing. Think about it from different angles that you can attack. Step back and give yourself a perspective you have not yet envisioned.

Next, list who you can call upon to help you reach your dream. What will you need to offer them in order to get their help. Maybe this dream gig is worth making into a loss leader. For instance, if your goal is to have a lot of influential people at a Fortune 500 company read your book, consider giving it away or selling it at cost. Though you wanted the company to make a bulk purchase, perhaps the bigger win is to get these influencers exposed to your brand so that they recommend you to others or so they will be convinced to hire you as a speaker, trainer, consultant, salesperson, etc.

Filter your dream for signs of ego or insanity creeping in.  For instance, don’t do something just to serve your ego. That is a waste of time and you will never feel fulfilled. Further, if you are being totally unrealistic or not consistent with reality, do not attempt something so big that it is virtually impossible to happen under any conceivable circumstance.

While dreaming big, break it down into actionable steps and places that, over time, if all the dots connect you can be in a position to actually win this thing.

Caution: while dreaming big do not put all of your eggs in one basket. You should diversify your marketing approaches and spend most of your time pursuing the obvious things that stand a reasonable chance of a pay-off.


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