Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Here’s How The Media Really Wants To Be Pitched

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How does the news media really operate when it comes to determining what they cover, how, and why?

Well, first let’s state the obvious. Most media act in accordance with a few unwritten rules:

1.       Whatever ownership has outlined in its mission statement is what it will cover. Politics and business interests may play a role here.

2.       Every media outlet has to pay attention to what its readers-listeners-viewers-followers  want/expect – and craft stories that appeal to their interests.

3.       Every media outlet that charges for access to its content and/or has advertising will certainly craft its content to please subscribers and advertisers – and to appeal to its advertising demographics.

4.       The individual producer/writer/host/editor will have personal preferences, biases, or needs that will get fulfilled in their approach to covering the news.

In a recent study published by Muck Rack, an expensive media database, a survey show the habits, preferences, and needs of today’s media. Take a look:

·         93% said they prefer to be pitched via personalized e-mail, but only 21% are receptive to mass emails.

·         64% like to get pitches between 5 am and noon their time.

·         83% think 1-7 days is an ideal window to follow up on an email pitch, but 17% said wait longer than a week.

·         20% like to get pitches on Mondays, 10% on Tuesdays, and the rest of the days of the week were 4% or less each. 62% said they had no preference as to which date you pitch them.

·         64% prefer you do not call them.

·         84% of journalists preferred using email to maintain a professional relationship with publicists. The next closest: 25% like in-person; 25% like Twitter; 23% like Linked In; and 21% the phone.

·         61% of journalists prefer a pitch to be no longer than three paragraphs and nearly a third want a pitch to be no longer than three sentences!

·         75% of journalists are more likely to cover a story if it is offered as an exclusive.

·         Journalists reported that the number one factor that makes a story sharable is if it connects to a trending subject. Having images in stories was a close second.

The media says it goes here first to get its news:

·         60% online newspapers or magazines
·         22% Twitter
·         5%  print newspapers/magazines
·         3% broadcast cable news
·         3% radio
·         2% Facebook
·         1% podcasts

Pitches get rejected most often because of:

·         Lack of personalization           33%
·         Bad timing                               31%
·         Too long                                   18%
·         Confusing subject line             15%
·         Large attachments                    3%

These are general trends to take note of, but always customize your pitch to meet the needs of the specific media outlet and journalist that you reach out to. Follow-up and be persistent!


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