Monday, November 30, 2020

Authors Should Embrace The Butterfly Effect


Maybe authors can’t travel back to their past and change moments in time, but can they recognize their butterfly effect, that everything they do matters and has an impact on the world and their lives?

One can unleash the butterfly effect when you

**Write that book.

**Edit that book.
**Publish that book.
**Market that book.

Who knows who will read it and how it will effect those readers? Who knows how successful you will be as a writer? Who knows what other lives get impacted because your book exists?

It is hard to know while living in the moment what our words, actions, inactions, or silence could do to another. We fly blind.


The butterfly effect has been explored in science, industry, and elsewhere. It reflects an idea that small things can have non-linear impacts on a complex system. Could a butterfly flap its wings in Africa and cause a tornado here? No, but what happens when a seemingly small event or change occurs – can the conditions lead to a different outcome – in a game, on an exam, in business? Sure. If you want to see an example demonstrated, see the movie The Butterfly Effect.


Authors have an enormous power — to influence another, impact society, and implore change. Authors can empower, inspire, inform, entertain, and enlighten us.


Many of us read different authors and books from one another. Even established best-sellers may only be read by only 15-20,000 people. Most people read books that may have a lifetime readership of just a few thousand, maybe even a few hundred people. But each of these books makes a difference, each transforming the life of its reader.


As writers, we live the butterfly effect every single day. It is in everything we do, from what we choose to write about, to how we write about it, to even which words we choose to use. What we title a book, how much we market it, what we price it at — and a hundred other decisions snd tasks — will influence not only the author’s commercial success but how a book makes a contribution to touching lives and shaping society.


Every time you feel like not sending one more email, another tweet, or spending five more minutes on researching, editing, or writing your book, think of how your choices could alter the landscape and possibly play a significant role in the world around you.


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