Sunday, November 15, 2020

Do Writers Know The Power They Wield?


Words matter.

How will you use them?

They can lead us to a revolution or start a war. They can talk someone into harming another or themselves. They can inspire the hero within us to take action — or be used to blame others for our plight. Words can motivate us to do amazing things and change our lives. They can champion people to serve the greater good, and to take life-risking sacrifices. They can also tear another apart, psychologically assaulting those too young, experienced, or ignorant to weather the onslaught of hate, criticism, and ridicule.

Which words do you use, to say exactly what, for what purpose? Do you use words as an instrument for good or evil?

Words can kill — or save lives.
Words can spew hate — or harvest love.
Words can close our minds — or open them.
Words can spread lies — or validate truth.
Words can tear away — or build up — a belief.
Words can lead to pain and violence — or to pleasure and peace.

Maybe it is not the words that have power, but rather the people who wield them. No word is purely good or bad on its own, but rather how it is used. Think about it. You can love to hate or hate to love. She can be pretty ugly or he can be criminally handsome. How you say what you say is what matters. Intention, context, and purpose of word usage trumps the words themselves.

Do writers really understand the power they wield?

Writers have the power to change lives. They can help others. They can inspire movements.  They can inform, enlighten, entertain, and motivate. They can record reality or alter it. They can help us see what never was and hold out the possibility of what could be. Words can empower us to go places we never imagined. The author has many rights – and responsibilities. But he or she has a gift and a drive to contribute to society through the ability of arranging words in such an order that they say things that have never been said in such a way.

I adore words and the ability of writers to define and redefine the world that we live in merely by using words. We just have to say the right words in the right way. It’s a wonderful thing to be a writer, despite the heartache, diminished economics, and experiential trauma one must go through to put a book together.

Writers, you wield a tremendous amount of power.  You deserve praise, compensation, and assistance. Use your talent wisely and for good. And enjoy writing!



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