Thursday, July 11, 2019

Overcoming Fears and Concerns Regarding Book Marketing

Marketing is a necessity for authors today.  Whether you’re self-published or represented by a traditional publisher, it’s up to you to make your book a success, to use it to increase your brand, to sell other services, to be a sales magnet, and to lead to future books.  You have a lot to gain -- and lose -- on your marketing success.   There’s always something  you can and should be doing to market your book, even if you hired others to help. Of course, to market well, you need to have the right frame of mind.  Let’s address some of the concerns you may have:

1.      I don’t want to come off as bragging. Okay, then don’t. You can say something positive about yourself without sounding egotistical.  Show people what they will get and word it in a user-friendly way.

2.      People will see me as desperate.  Not true.  When you offer something you don’t have to beg.  Simply state the benefits that you offer and let people recognize the value provided.

3.      I don’t want to lose credibility within my profession.  Oh, please.  What’s unprofessional about helping people?  Everyone is promoting, marketing, and advertising to some degree.  To not go that route is professional suicide.  You’re not selling a gimmicky widget – you’re providing a book with useful information.  People can respect that.

4.      By raising my profile, I will come under scrutiny.  Assume you are always being watched by competitors.  So what.  Act professionally, ethically, and sincerely and you have nothing to worry about.

5.      I don’t have anything glitzy or sexy to market.  Sometimes good, useful information from a competent, experienced professional is enough!

6.      I am not a natural marketer.  Who really is?  If you can speak well or write good emails or be smart about who to approach, you can do this.  It takes persistence, being able to handle rejection, and taking initiative to be a good book marketer – the same skills many writers call upon to get their books published.

7.      I don’t know how to exaggerate and hype things.  Then don’t.  You should put your best foot forward and state the facts in the best possible light.  No need to lie or overstate something.

8.      I’m concerned about being in the limelight.  You should only be so lucky!  Few of us become celebrities.   Your goal is to increase book sales, web site traffic, and the branding of your expertise.  The papparazzi are not knocking on your door but if they do, consider that a sign you’ve made it!

9.      I don’t have the time or money to dedicate to marketing.  If that’s true, stop writing books.  They won’t sell themselves.  You need to be proactive and stay involved in marketing and PR.  It doesn’t have to take up every waking minute or call on you to exhaust your retirement nest egg, but you should budget some time and/or money for marketing.

10.  I can’t give away free books or information.  Sure you can.  Don’t obsess on the free part. Think of the new business or book sales you’ll generate as a result of giving something away.  Every company, author, and organization gives something away. If you don’t keep up, you won’t advance.

Marketing is a must but it’s not for everyone.  Do your best to tackle it on a daily and weekly basis.  You will find what works best and what fits with your comfort level.  Do more of what you like, and hire others to do the rest.  In the end, people will gravitate to you and find  you online once you build up your name and brand.  Marketing does get easier the more you do it.

 “Do good with what thou hast, or it will do thee no good.”
--William Penn

 “Whatever you are by nature, keep to it; never desert your line of talent.  Be what nature intended you for, and you will succeed.”
--Sydney Smith

“You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertisements.”
--Norman Douglas

“An original writer is not one who imitates nobody, but one whom nobody can imitate.”

--Francois-Rene Vicomte De Chateaubriand

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