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Should Your Book Be A Textbook?

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Your book may be perfect for the college market.  To get your book sold into the classroom you’ll need to convince professors to use it for the course, or you might be able to sell it to the college bookstore as an optional, supplementary book.

What will the professors and college bookstore review for consideration?
1.      The book should be relevant and targeted to the class subject matter.
2.      It should be filled with facts and double-sourced information, not an opinion-filled diatribe.
3.      It needs to have an index, bibliography, and a glossary, and if possible, recommended resources for further reading and research.
4.      The title, the cover, the layout design, and length of the book will be examined as well.
5.      Your book must be current and up to date.
6.      The book cannot have advertisements.
7.      Your credentials should be clearly presented, highlighting your professional and academic background.
8.      Supportive testimonials, endorsements, and positive critical reviews or media exposure.
9.      The book should come off as neutral and unbiased.

There are educational conferences held throughout the year that you can attend, in hopes of getting your book sold into colleges.  To locate school book buyers, try Quality Education Data (QED),  You can also contact college libraries, either individually or through wholesalers and distributors that address this market segment.

NASCORP is a national wholesaler to college stores and campus resellers.  They are part of National Association of College Stores, a professional trade association.  NACS publishes The College Store magazine.  Consult

Another part of the college market is student associations.  Every campus has clubs, a student government, and activities groups.  They may purchase your book directly as well.

If you want to contact students directly, you can advertise in  school newspapers or purchase mailing lists from places like American Student List Company (

Another way to sell books is to various alumni associations or campus chapters of the American Marketing Association.  The book can be used as a fundraiser, though most alumni associations will focus on selling books from their own alumni.

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--Martin Luther King, Jr.

“A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

--Lincoln Abraham

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