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Are There Alternative Methods To Marketing A Book?



There are numerous ways to market a book. In fact, there is no shortage of opportunities but each one takes time, money, or smarts to secure. Some may take all three along with gumption, energy, skill, and a network of help to carry them off. How do authors find ways to sell a book that are not commonplace, in hopes of developing new markets with less competition?  

Well, first, let’s look at what might be standard or popularly practiced ways to market a book and then we can explore the non-traditional methods for you to seek out.   

Authors should and could pursue any and all of the following areas to promote their books, market their brand, and sell more products and services:


  1. Traditional Media & Book Reviews
  2. Social Media Platforms
  3. Speaking Events & Bookstore Signings
  4. Advertising
  5. Book Awards
  6. Paid Book Reviews
  7. Writing Contests 
  8. Bulk Sales to Organizations
  9. Blog Tours
  10. Online Media
  11. Book Giveaways
  12. Author Website
  13. Author Content: Blog Podcast, Video Chanel, Byline Articles, Op-Eds, Letters-to-Editor, Guest-post on Blogs of Others, Newsletter.
  14. Get Strong Testimonials 
  15. Book Fair Booth
  16. Attend Writer or Industry Conferences
  17. Direct Mailings To Bookstores, Libraries & Gift Shops
  18. Broader Distribution Beyond Bookstores
  19. Sell Foreign or Film Rights
  20. Publish in All Formats: Hardcover, Trade Paper, Mass Market, E-book, Audiobook.
  21. Solicit Family & Friends To Buy Books 
  22. Sponsor A Contest 
  23. Do A Webinar  
  24. Make A Book Trailer 
  25. Build An Email List To Solicit

Now, after you exhaust all of those areas stated above, are you ready to trade, buy, beg, donate, or network your way to success?  

That’s right, you heard me. You can do anything to sell books. That’s the mindset that you need to have. Anything is possible, look at all of the permutations, combinations, and ways to get your books out there- and then start experimenting to see which idea gets converted into a reality.   

You need to see everyone or every entity as a means for selling your book. For instance, if you have a health book would you sell it at a gym? How about a health food store? Or at your local church? Go beyond the bookstore.  

Next, look at the people you know. Can they buy the book? Can they help sell it to those whom they know? Do people that you know have access to venues to speak or organizations that they can introduce you to?  

What can you do to incentivize others to buy the book or to sell it for you? Can you offer to donate books to a special cause of theirs? Can you cut them in on the profits? Do they owe you a favor? Are you good at begging or guilt-tripping people to act on your behalf? Have you thought of a triangular trade, where you do something for person A, A does for B, and B does for you?  

Discounts or buy one, get one free, can work. So can giving away freebies with a purchase. You can also bundle other books, products, or services that you may be offering. You can also combine your book with someone else’s book, service, or product and co-sell your stuff.   

The alternative opportunities out there are the ones you push for. Be savvy, pushy, and timely -- and you’ll start to see whole new ways to market your book.                                                         

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