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How Do Authors Find A Good Book Publicist?


Authors, you have a tough choice to make: Whom should you hire to promote your book?

Notice I didn’t say the choice for you was: Should you hire a book publicist?

If you are not published by one of the large book publishers, you most assuredly need a publicist. The marketing falls to you and no one else. If you hope to brand yourself, impact others with your message, sell more books, help sell previous books, other products, or perhaps sell a service— and in the case of fiction, sell film and foreign rights— you must seek help in marketing yourself.

No matter how much you are willing and able to tackle, you will need the connections, skills, knowledge, time, and motivation from a pro to assist. That is a given.

Even when you are with a publisher, you are not assured of being assigned a publicist, nor one for very long. They likely are overwhelmed and will do some formulaic things like send out a few review copies and maybe place a trade publication ad. Maybe. If that.

They certainly are not seeing the big picture nor investing extensive time, effort, or resources to promote your book. They see you as a commodity, even an obligation, to be sold during a certain window of time a long with hundreds of other books.

Then they move on to next book.

They are not on the same page as you. Though you both want the book to sell well, your goals are not aligned.

Your book publisher tends to treat you in a transactional way, but a good book publicist that you choose to bring aboard is like finding someone who wants to go from dating others to having a monogamous relationship. You develop a close relationship with the individual that you entrust your baby with.

Your future as a writer is at stake. Your ability to build a platform and really impress others is on the line. Only you can take ownership of your writing career. Only you.

Ok, so now that we have got all of that out of the way, let’s get back to answering the only question worth asking: Whom should you hire to promote your book?

Your decision will likely be influenced greatly on answers to the following questions:

* What is your budget? What are their fees? Are there any additional expenses or associated costs?

* How did you learn of this person? Were they referred to you?

* Do you like their personality? Do they sound confident, competent, energized, and empathetic?

* What exactly do you need help with — can this person or company service those needs? Are they offering you something you don’t need or want?

* Do you understand what they are offering to do for you? Are the parameters clear — costs, timeline, how you will be involved, and exactly what they will or won’t do?

* Are their communications literate? Does the grammar expressed in their communications with you sound compromised or appear sloppy?

* Do they follow up with you? Are they responsive to your questions?

* How much book publicity experience do they have?

* Have they promoted books in the genre that you write in?

* What success stories do they have?

* Why do some of their campaigns end in failure — and what could be done to avoid such a fate?

* How is success measured or defined by them?

* Do they have lots of current testimonials from relevant people?

* Can they share a few references?

* Do they sound passionate and invested in you?
* Do you trust this person or does she or he sound as slippery as an icy road after a snowstorm?

* Google them. Any complaints or ethical lapses uncovered?

* Which services are they offering and how will they help you accomplish your goals?

* What, if anything, do they guarantee?

* What do they recommend you should do — and why? What would a phase two in an engagement with them look like?

In the end, you will make a decision on one part logic and fact, and on one part gut instinct. But remember, you must ask one question and answer it:

Whom should you hire to promote your book?


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