Wednesday, March 9, 2022

Author, What’s Your Message?

Authors want people to buy, love, and recommend their books. They want to be bestselling writers. They hope to turn it into a movie for the big screen or a show on a major streaming service. They want to see great book reviews and book awards coming their way. They hope to publish a sequel, no, a series, and oh yes, a spin-off — or two. They will be famous, successful, and in demand.

Now wake up from your dream and get down to the business ar hand: marketing your brand, promoting your book, and getting your message out there. Yes, the message. What is yours?

Don’t let me stump you.

Say it like you would naturally say I love you to your spouse, the way you would encourage a child, or the way you would order your favorite meal at the local food joint. Say it confidently, with conviction and passion. No stuttering or stumbling. No weird pauses or moments of long silence. Give me your message, now, loud and clear.

No matter how big your marketing budget is, no matter how much time and mindshare you can dedicate to promotions, no matter your experiences, skillset, connections, or available resources, without a clear, concise, and convincing message you are dead in the water.

So, I am waiting, what is your message? 

Is it too long? Too short? Does it sound generic? Are you yawning as you say it? Are you using lively verbs and descriptive terms? Does it sound like something only you are in a position to say — or could anyone else — with a lesser book — make a similar claim? 

Answer these questions when crafting your message:

* What do you offer or promise?
* Who or what do you compare your book to?
* Are you answering questions others think — but don’t ask?
* Do you highlight what the book is about?
* Do you identify what is unique, new, different, better about your book?
* Do you connect your unique professional experiences to the book?
* Are there interesting personal stories that relate to your book?
* Do you throw in some credentials or qualifiers for why you are uniquely positioned to write this book?
* Do you quote from third-party validators — reviews, testimonials, or rankings?
* Do you sound empowering, interesting, smart, funny, resourceful, or inspiring?
* Do you whisper, speak in a monotone, or sound like you are reading from a statement with a gun pointed to your head?
* Do you sound optimistic — but not to the point a cult brainwashed you?

So, I ask: What is your message?

You have 20-30 seconds to say enough to tease or lure in others. Ramble longer and you lose our ADHD-riddled society. 

But, if you say it in too few words, you sound like you lack substance.  

You need that Goldilocks blend, where you use an economy of words with enough description that you entice the person that you speak with to ask questions.

If no one asks a question, you failed to engage them and spark their curiosity — or they misunderstood what you just said. So, speak fast and long enough to convey something of value, but leave off enough so as to invite a conversation.

Tell me, what is your message?

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