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What Will Help You Market Your Book?

Many people ask me the following: What it will take to market a brand, promote a story, and sell a book. These items quickly come to mind:


  • Skill-- what you are capable of doing will dictate your success 
  • Knowledge -- what you know that needs to be done and how to do it counts for a lot 
  • Time -- this precious commodity is a must in order to market well 
  • Money -- helps you pay for professional help, advertisements, resources 
  • Great Book -- interesting topic or story that’s well written is vital 
  • Excellent Credentials -- who you are helps sell your story 
  • Timing -- you can benefit from trends and what’s in the news 
  • Competition – it helps when there’s less competition and your offer is unique 
  • Packaging -- your title, cover, and interior layout need to be appealing 
  • Price -- being competitive in this area is a must

History is full of people who have been wildly successful despite overcoming challenges at home, financial shortcomings, or other barriers. Just look at how many college dropouts made it big -- Oprah Winfrey, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, and Bob Dylan to name a few. Richard Branson didn’t even finish high school. So, you, dear author, should know you may have many things already going for you that could position you for success, but if not, be comforted to know that others with less have made it big.   

The following 19 traits or attributes can certainly help you succeed in marketing your book:


  1. Work Ethic -- Work hard, smart, and ethically. Put in the necessary time and effort to achieve your goals.


  1. Ignore Rejection -- Failure is the stepping stone to success. Any rejection, loss, or shortfall that you experience means nothing but inspiration to try harder and provides a chance to learn and grow. Defeats are momentary, not permanent. 


  1. Opportunistic Mindset -- Be a go-getter. Initiate things. Don’t wait for an opportunity to come to you, but when it does, be ready to seize it. Additionally, keep your eyes open to discover opportunities. You make your own opportunity. 


  1. Childlike Imagination -- Be curious and explore things. Let your imagination wander. Reality will always await you, but there’s no reason to not envision how things could be different or better. 


  1. Ask Questions -- Take a what-if approach to things. Ask everyone questions -- Who do they know? What do they know? What do they think? What stories can they share?


  1. Find Value In Everyone & Everything -- Everyone has a purpose, a history, an opinion, an idea, and means to help you. Be willing to see what opportunities await you delivering into who and what are within your grasp. 


  1. Be Fearless -- Easy to say, harder to do, but you need to be willing to take risks, try new things, and experiment. It’s okay to make a mistake. Gamble without regret. 


  1. Be Passionate -- Energy, enthusiasm and an obsession are needed to arm your every move. 


  1. Goal-Oriented -- Have a vision and a goal. Break it all down into achievable stops. Set new goals as you achieve old ones. Never settle or think the game has an ending. 


  1. Organized -- Prioritize, plan, and manage your time and resources well. Never be the bottleneck and always keep things moving forward.


  1. Confidence & Conviction -- Act and speak with confidence. It will get others to believe in you. Speak with conviction. Your truth and vision is going to drive this bus. 


  1. Flexibility -- Be ready to change plans, make adjustments, or even change your thinking. Core beliefs may guide you, but everything is always up for debate and subject to change. 


  1. Resilience -- Your ability to weather a loss, complaints, missed opportunities, or broken relationships will play a role in your book marketing success. Have a thicker skin. Always see a setback like a puzzle. You know there’s a solution; you just need to unlock it. Stay determined. 


  1. Contrarian -- Quite simply, look at the opposite of public convention and popular wisdom. There’s more opportunity and less competition when you don’t follow the trend. 


  1. Ask For More --This always works. Simply ask for more of others -- better price, more help, extra ideas, or sharing of resources. Ask and you shall receive.


  1. Strategic-- Life’s a chess game. Have a plan, think ahead, have a backup plan, and keep manipulating events or people in your favor. Plot things out and enlist allies to carry out your plan. 


  1. Research -- Your ability to find resources, information, and connections will help you network, sell books, and find the things and people that can assist you.


  1. Anticipatory -- Be ready to act or react to things that you should be able to anticipate. Some things will be a surprise to you, but have contingency plans for the things you can clearly see as possibly happening. 


  1. Persuasive -- How well you communicate and convince others of your point of view will come in handy. Everything is a negotiation, whether selling a book, seeking a speaking gig, trying to secure media coverage, or inspiring an employee. 


Some of this may seem like it’s just not your personality or that you lack a skill or ability to be successful at marketing your book. That’s fine and is to be totally expected. Don’t use your perceived shortcomings as a crutch or excuse not to try more, do better, and reach further.


You are alive and kicking. Make some changes, take some risks, get some help, dream big, and get the heck out there and market your book!

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