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What To Do When Authors Feel Like Failures?


Writers are very individualistic and no two books are alike. Nor two authors. But they certainly have many traits and experiences in common. One thing almost all authors must confront is feeling like a failure.  

However, I’m here to tell you that you can still find a way to be successful as a writer and as a person. Listen up!   

First off, make a clear distinction. One can fail at a task, but that does not make them a failure.  

All setbacks or rejections are temporary, as a writer, and all of them can be met with success down the road. In fact, some embrace failure. They reach far and fall short, but they got further than most because they sought something beyond their comfort zone.   

Second, let a failure be a teaching moment.  

Look back at what you did right and wrong and think of how you might do things differently next time. An autopsy will uncover the case of death, but what you need is a prescription to cure what is sick.  

Third, take a break.  

Step back, conduct a book marketing autopsy, and go back and attack. Reflection and analysis shouldn’t cripple you - they should only help.   

Fourth, seek advice and seek help.  

It takes a village to raise a writer. Swallow your pride and benefit from what others know or can do for you.  

Fifth, do have a coming to Jesus moment. Really confront, head on, whether you are cut out to be a writer in today’s world. This means you must determine whether you’re prepared to put in the time, effort, mindset, and money to write, publish, and promote books.   

Sixth, take a long-term view.  

Don’t be short sighted. Even if you are 80, there is still time to change things, make improvements, and try again. As long as you are not dead, or in a coma, you go out there and hustle!   

Seventh, don’t feel sad for yourself and look to use your moment of failure to lean on your addictions or to make excuses and lash out at others. Stay strong and healthy. Get back on the bike after you fall again and again.    

Eighth, seek new perspectives.  

Get out of your environment or normal routine. Pursue a hobby, hit the gym or pet your dog. Re-energize and draw the energy from your surrounding world. Or change your scenery.  

Ninth, seize control of what’s under your domain. Take ownership of everything that you can. Some things or people are not under your influence -- but many things are well within your grasp to direct and execute. Do what you can; and hope to get lucky on what you can’t.       

Tenth, take the approach of the young Amish who endure a period called Rumspringa. This is when otherwise religious and conservative people ignore the church’s rules and participate in forbidden behaviors. This doesn’t mean that you suddenly cheat on your spouse, take a dump on a city street, or feel at liberty to start a bar fight, but it does mean you should color outside the lines and experiment in ideas and actions that may end up freeing your mind to see solutions and renewed hope.  

If you don’t like any of the above suggestions you most certainly reserve the right to feel like a failure. Go ahead and beat yourself up. Enjoy being a loser. Give up hope and sell your computer. Start checking the want ads. Don't ever pick up a pen again -- unless it’s to write out a grocery list.  

Are we clear?

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