Sunday, October 30, 2022

Can Authors Get What They Want ?



Let’s be realistic: Only some authors will get what they want, but all will get what they deserve. The question for each author to answer is: What do you want and what will you do to get it? 

Dreams and realities are linked together when it comes to authors. They have the right -- and a need -- to dream about who will read their book and how people will react. But then enters reality into the picture. Reality is not here to say you won’t reach a goal or fulfill a dream. It's here to say that you can’t dream without having a commitment to making it happen.  

Transform a desire or want into specific goals and take steps to succeed.  

Activate your wants. This means give yourself permission to pursue your dream, Actively do the very things you must do to put yourself in a position to achieve.  

Prioritize what needs to be done. Commit to action – action by doing, action by hiring help, action by acknowledging what simply won’t get done due to time, desire, money, etc.  

Be ready to put in the time, funding, mindshare, and effect. That will be needed to try to get whatever it is that you chase.   

Dream anything you want to. Dream big. Wish for all kinds of things. Now figure out what’s needed to get you somewhere you want to be. Either alter your dreams or your efforts to fulfill them. It’s your choice.  

Avoid excuses for falling short. No one cares. The bottom line is that you need to succeed, go find a way to do just that rather than defensively forming a list of excuses and defendable reasons as to why you still haven’t succeeded.  

Set goals that are attainable but worthwhile. Set goals that you want to achieve, not what you think others expect of you. No one lives your life but you.  

Try, try and fry. At some point, accept failure of one method or one goal – then change one or both of them and get started in pursuing it. All great plans are susceptible to change and you need to be flexible about it.  

Don’t beat yourself up with should-haves. Don’t be jealous of others. Don’t complain. Don’t feel self-pity. Simply try your best every day and reach for what you want.  

Be the writer that you know you are capable of being. Then, turn your focus onto your book marketing in order to get what you want for your book. You can do it - and only you.


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