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Saturday, June 15, 2019

15 Interesting Things From Word Nerd

I came across a fast read Word Nerd, which features oddities of the English language.  I am sharing 15 that interested me. Perhaps you, too, shall find them worthy of your time:

·         A bibliophile likes the feel, look, and smell of books and to collect or display them, but a bibliophagist is one who is a voracious reader.

·         A logolept is another term for word nerd.

·         Epeolatry means the worship of words.

·         Dreamt is the only word in English that ends with “mt.”

·         96 of the 100 most common English words have Germanic roots, and just those words make up more than half of all English used today.

·         Queueing is the only word in English that contains five consecutive vowels.

·         4,000 words are added, on average, to the English language each year.  That’s about one every two hours.

·         A bookery is another name for a library, first seen in writing in 1798.

·         A contronym is a word with contradictory meanings.  For example, to bolt something is to secure it – or to flee from it.  Bound means you’re heading for somewhere or it means restrained from movement. 

·         Silent letters in words, like the k in knee or the second b in bomb, are called apthongs.

·         To bowdlerize is to remove sexually offensive words or passages from a book prior to publication.  It is a sanitizing or censoring of a book.

·         The first English dictionary was Richard Mulcaster’s Elementarie, a list of 8,000 words published in 1582.

·         Dermatoglyphics is the study of fingerprints and skin patterns.  It is also the joint longest English isogram (a word comprised entirely of different letters), tying with "uncopyrightable."

·         The word maverick comes from Sam Maverick, a Texan politician and land baron who refused to brand his cattle, making such people known as mavericks.

·         Do you think someone is not as beautiful as she thinks she is?  Call her a callomaniac.  But if you try to date her with flirtatious talk that leads to nowhere, that is called sphalblalia.

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