Saturday, March 2, 2019

Are You An Infopreneur -- Or Just An Author?

More than likely, you enjoy writing, sharing information, generating ideas, and helping others.  You value the written word and hope to use your area of expertise to sell books, consult, get speaking gigs, etc.  As an infopreneur you are now a small business.

There are about 25 million small businesses in the U.S. (SBA), half of which are home-based businesses.  Many authors, like you, value certain aspects of being a paid writing expert, including:

·         Freedom to write about what you want to write about
·         Flexible working hours and control over your time
·         A sense of fulfillment from doing what you like
·         Expressing your creativity and maintaining ownership of it
·         Control over your working conditions and independence
·         A chance to greatly expand your compensation

But these are downsides and obstacles associated with the challenges of running your own business, including:

·         You need to set boundaries on your term or you’ll work 24/7/365.
·         Cash flow will always be a concern.
·         At times you’ll feel isolated and alone.
·         You need to be organized, scheduled and disciplined.

Most businesses fail early on, for many reasons.  The key to your success will rest in your ability to market and promote what is hopefully a decent book or service to a large enough marketplace.  Always be prepared to change your strategy, to solicit advice, and to hire professionals to help out in areas you lack time, knowledge, or ability to execute.

Sales Insights For Authors
·         Regardless of the total time spent with a prospect, their first impressions formed in the first several minutes of interaction will likely dictate results.
·         Emotion often wins over logic, so appeal to it.
·         The more immediate the gratification, the sooner they will buy.
·         What you think today will dictate your results tomorrow.
·         What you affirm becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.
·         Your habits become you, so develop good habits.
·         Think it, say it, do it.
·         No price is too high if you show an even higher pay-off.
·         Don’t negotiate with yourself – don’t be so quick to slash prices or sweeten a deal .
·         Let one’s curiosity and ignorance drive your selling destiny.
·         Set goals and timetables, otherwise you have a plan to fail.
·         People are always seeking, never fully satisfied, so appeal to their thirst and desire for me.
·         A want becomes a need when they are convinced they must have it.
·         Give a reason to act now or they may never act.
·         Behind every logical need lies emotional turbulence, inner conflict, and challenges.

You’re An Infopreneur!
You have something people want – and it comes from you being an author. You are seen as an expert on a topic.  People will pay you, beyond the book, for your time, contacts, ideas, information, labor, and experience.

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