Thursday, March 14, 2019

Authors: Screw The Critics!

It’s been my experience that authors love to write books, but they are not as happy to promote them.  I think that feeling just comes to them because something about marketing makes them feel uncomfortable.  Whereas writing seems like a natural function to the author, promoting those writings puts them in a position to actually be read – and lauded or rejected.  The prospect of actually being able to get close to one’s potential reader may frighten the writer who feels he has the world mapped out with his words but risks having someone talk back.

As I write this, I try to anticipate a dialogue I would be having with writers, imagining what they would agree or disagree with.  As I compose this blog post I also realize that the conversation is imaginary, that no one is here to applaud or oppose a single word.  When an author puts himself out there, marketing his book, he certainly exposes himself to the masses, to the voices of criticism or even appreciation.  Is he really ready to deal with any of that?

Of course the answer is not to avoid marketing a book for without a concerted effort to promote one’s writings, their book will surely find its way on a rocket to anonymity.  

Though there’s no guarantee of success with the biggest of marketing campaigns, there is almost assuredly a guarantee that one’s book will publish to crickets without at least trying to promote it.

You have to have a thick skin as a writer and tune out the negativity.  Sure, listen to constructive criticism and grow from it, but you should dismiss what others have to say and go about your business.  To reach far, you’ll anger or confuse people.  To challenge assumptions and shake things up means to be met with criticism.  Don’t worry about it.  

Just keep writing passionately and seek to improve, but fear not those who don’t understand or appreciate your work.  We have a saying from where I grew up in Brooklyn “Fuck ‘em.”

That’s right, deny the haters, fear not those who simply lack the ability to appreciate you.  No one can please everyone – and you should not try to.  Don’t write like everyone else — write in your unique voice and hope that at least some will come to appreciate your work.

Some authors may fear success because they won’t have time to do what they love:  to write.  They think they’ll be forced to sell out and continue to create commercially viable content that readers want vs. just writing what they want to write about. This concern is nonsense.  You should only be so lucky that you get so successful that you have to even give thought to such things.  It’s a good problem to have.

Write what you know and love.  Then promote it with enthusiasm and vigor.  Let the results come in – and then write again.  And promote some more.


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