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Brainstorming Creatively For Book Marketing Success

Just how do you think outside the box? First, know what is in the box.  Make sure you are doing the basics and what is obvious – don’t ignore the things that are seemingly simple and not so glitzy. But once you have picked off the low-hanging fruit, it is time to step it up. Coming up with ideas comes easy to many, though sometimes even geniuses draw blanks. Further, coming up with good ideas is harder. And then executing them is what really counts. So how can you dream up some good ideas?

1.      Brainstorm with others – either in a group or one on one.
2.      Conduct research on a topic and see what pops up that could stimulate an idea.
3.      Read more -- a book, a blog, a web site, a magazine, a newsletter, a newspaper.
4.      Expose yourself to a different surrounding or unfamiliar setting.
5.      Take a vacation and clear your mind.
6.      Look to take something from another industry, genre or organization and apply it to your world.
7.      Study up on the leaders in your field.
8.      Get the brain juices flowing with a good diet, exercise, rest, and some entertainment.
9.      Take a drive or go on a long walk.
10.  Meditate.
11.  Experiment and take risks.

Chances are you are not writing your ideas down, not spending enough time to think freely, and/or you censor too many ideas in their infancy and don’t give them a chance to percolate and possibly blossom. You let wrongful assumptions, unfounded prejudices or a lack of knowledge get in the way. By distancing yourself from constraining thoughts or restrictive beliefs, you will be more open to new ideas and seeing things in a new light.

But don’t let all of this dreaming cloud your mind, and prevent you from doing the core things that need to get done almost daily. You need a balance or blend here. Do your chores and work hard, but allow for some creativity to snag a big idea that you can rally behind.

Additional Ways To Spur Creativity
1.      Role play with another – on any issue – even take the opposing viewpoint to think from another’s perspective.
2.      Play games – cards, video, board, puzzles, word games, or sports.
3.      Visit a museum.
4.      Go see a play, concert, movie, or art exhibit.
5.      Draw, paint, sculpt, or do something artistic.
6.      Simply ask hypothetical questions and ponder what if one thing changed or became possible, and examine how it would impact others.
7.      Substitute things -- change, in your mind, colors, sizes, and shapes of things.
8.      Read fiction and live in a different reality or world.
9.      Go to an amusement park and let the adrenaline flow.
10.  Do the opposite of what you normally do.
11.  Do things out of order or rearrange the sequence you’d normally do something.
12.  Stop or start something.
13.  Attend a house of worship or listen to a motivational speaker.
14.  See a therapist or life coach – or both.
15.  Revisit a place or thing or person from your childhood.
16.  Go to a comedy club.
17.  Travel.
18.  Enjoy your favorite comfort food.

Let the ideas flow. Write them down, without judgment. See the possibilities, not the impossibilities. Get outside of the box and disrupt your normal routine.

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