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40 Questions Authors Need To Answer


To find answers, you first must know what the questions are. Well, authors, when it comes to knowing what questions need to be asked by you about your writing career and book marketing plans, look no further.   

Ask yourself the following 40 questions — and then seek to answer them.   

Reflect on your answers in the coming weeks, months, and years.  

This is an ongoing process, to revise and update a living document that allows you to grow and prosper — and to minimize mistakes and mitigate and resulting damages from such mistakes should they occur.  

First, ask yourself: What do you want to happen with your writing career?  

Then, determine: What needs to be done for that to happen?  

Finally, commit: What exactly will I do — as well as others do — to get done what needs to get done?  

Explore the following:  


1. What shall I write about?   

2. Why do I write?  

3. How often will I write?  

4. What do I need to know about the law and writing — censorship; plagiarism; copyright protections; book contracts?  

5. What are my specific short-term and long-term goals as a writer?  

6. How do I learn to be a better writer?  


7. Where can I find a good, affordable editor whom I can establish a relationship with?  

8. How can I work with an editor and be open to his or her corrections and suggestions while remaining true to my voice?  

9. What is the best process — write some, edit some — or finish a book and then edit it? Both?  

10. What if my work becomes unrecognizable under an editor’s red pen?  


11. How can I improve my research skills?  

12. How can I find comprehensive, updated, and accurate information from a respected, valid source — quickly?  

13. Can I commit to double-checking facts and researching things in order to keep my writing authentic?  


14. How do I get a book publishing deal?  

15. If I need a literary agent, how do I find one that wants to represent me — and that I want to be represented by?  

16. What should be in a query letter?  

17. How do I craft a winning book proposal?  

18. What can I expect to happen if I get published?  

19. Should I self-publish? Why? How?  

20. What should my book title be?  

21. What should the book cover design be?  

22. How do I seek out blurbs or testimonials?  

23. What should the back cover copy say?  


24. What is my brand essence as a writer?  

25. What is my elevator speech?  

26. Do I have a website? What can make it better?  

27. Which social media platforms should I be on? Can I post more often, with better content, that translates into sales or website visits? How do I grow my number of connections?  

28. Do I see myself as a speaker? Which type of places can I present at? How do I find a specific list of places and identify the right person to query?  

29. Where should I advertise? What should the ad say or do? What should my budget be? How do I measure success?  

30. Where can i meet — in person or virtually — to network with those who can help me or buy my book?  

31. How do I craft a strong press release and press kit? Where should I send it and how should it be used? What elements belong in the kit?  

32. Which writer groups or associations should I belong to? How can I maximize my membership?  

33. How do I prepare for interviews? What needs to be said? Avoided? Said in a certain way?  

34. How do I go about selecting which type of news media to pursue? How do I identify targeted media outlets and specific individuals and their contact information?  

35. Which book awards should i apply to? What are their deadlines, costs, and qualification conditions? How can I persuade them to select my book?  

36. Where can I submit my book for reviews? Which book reviews should I pay for?  

37. Which writer conferences book fairs should I attend or participate in?  

38. Should I have a blog? How often should I post? What should I write about? How do I get subscribers?  

39. Should I have a podcast? How often would it air? How long should an episode be? Will I interview people, and if so, whom? How will I attract listeners? Will this lead to book sales?  

40. Do I need to have a YouTube channel or book trailer? What should these videos consist of? How long should they be? How will I draw more viewers?  

Here is my last question to you: What are you waiting for? Start answering these questions. Your responses will craft your blueprint or roadmap to action. Go! 


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