Sunday, September 19, 2021

4 Trends Authors Need To Know


I recently came across four statistics that made me think long and hard about how things are evolving in our nation. They also could greatly influence authors, publishers, and consumers as to which books are written, published, and purchased.

I recently learned that:

*60% of enrolled college students are women, meaning for every two guys in college, there are three women.

*A new Gallup poll showed for the first time in eight decades of measuring US citizen membership to a church, temple, or mosque,  less than a majority belong (47%).

*40% of all births this past year were to unwed moms, a record high, and in three states, the majority of births were to unmarried parents.

*More than one in four adult Americans have never left the United States, and another 31% only went to one or two countries in their lifetime. 11% of adults have been to 10 or more countries.

So why are these numbers significant? They represent some tipping points in the values and actions of our country. Since books can be about anything, for anyone, what happens in the real world impacts what is written, who publishes it, and how many copies are purchased.

We already have many trends influencing publishing these days. Just look at the wars over #metoo, gender identity, and racial equality. You have shelves of books dedicated in many stores to novels, poetry, and non-fiction based on each of those heavily debated topics.

Then you have political wars and personality wars. Oh, don’t forget the pandemic, and of course, there is always the digital wars of progress vs privacy and information nirvana vs censorship.

The statistics I quoted earlier fascinate me. It means that soon we will see books about things we hadn’t thought of before.

What used to be an anomaly— not being a member of organized religion — is the norm.

Women, who until a few generations ago, were barely present on co-ed college campuses, now are a super majority across thousands of colleges.

Having parents who raise kids that are unmarried or even living with each other is at the tipping point of normalization.

And for what we would like to think of as a global-minded nation, the majority of American adults have hardly been anywhere beyond the borders. Maybe we are not as worldly as we think we are.

Indeed, consumers and the times are always changing. Choices over what to write, publish and buy change with them. What will tomorrow bring? no one knows, but it most likely will be something radically different from what was normal or typical yesterday.


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