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How Do Authors Sell A Book?



Authors are writers – and maybe even researchers and editors. But they are also marketers and know they have to take ownership of their book. So, how does an author sell a book to another?


According to Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion by Dr. Robert Cialdini, there are six key principles to persuading another.


They include these:


1.      Sounding authoritative.


2.      Make it seem like your offer involves scarcity.


3.      Being likeable.


4.      Having third-party validation for your book.


5.      Being consistent and committed in your efforts to sell books.


6.      Reciprocation: providing something of equal or greater value to its cost.


I would also add these factors:


·         Seek to fan an existing desire rather than create a new one.

·         Listen to a potential customer’s questions to understand which benefits people seek from your book.

·         Stroke their ego – everyone needs approval.

·         We buy because we want or need something.

·         One’s wants justify and prompt a desire to buy something.

·         A stall means the want or hurt is not strong enough.

·         Objections are better prevented than answered.

·         You must adapt your presentation to their personality.

·         Make a want a need – and a need a want.

·         Provide strong proof of your assertions.

·         Make sure your image conveys an unmistakable sense of quality and professionalism.

·         Align with your customer’s values, hopes, and needs.

·         Exude positive energy.

·         Be optimistic, enthusiastic, and visionary.

·         Show empathy and understanding of one’s situation.


Know what attracts people to your story. You do have assets – use them. Is it your words, images, or accomplishments? Do you offer a connection to the things that move us, such as these:


·         Social issues

·         Life/death

·         Humor

·         Nature

·         Babies/kids

·         Money\health

·         Politics

·         Sex

·         Power

·         Outrageousness

·         Family

·         Dogs/pets

·         Sports

·         Entertainment

·         Disaster


Lastly, consider these factors in your book-selling ways:


·         Can you offer something new or unique, something better than what is offered elsewhere, something that people cannot do without, or see as a benefit when coming from you?

·         State your unique selling proposition as a motto, mantra, tagline, or brand.

·         Eliminate as much as possible the perceived or actual risk/investment involved for someone to try working with you.

·         Make an offer they cannot refuse – give something away, so something on a trial period, or offer a money-back guarantee.

·         Make others feel important that what they are doing is special and great.

·         Listen to others – put them first and make them feel at ease.

·         Give them confidence in themselves

·         Welcome their ideas or feedback to what you said – and then counter that.

·         Seek to build trust – offer to do a favor, lend a hand, or make a concession.


Now go make a sale!!


“Always be positive. The more negative your circumstances, the more important a positive attitude becomes.” – Pat Williams, best-selling author  

“None of us has the whole truth; life is a journey toward the truth.” – President Bill Clinton  

“If you can’t solve a problem, it’s because you’re playing by the rules.” – Award-winning advertising agency director Paul Arden  

“We don’t see things as they are. We see them as we are.” – Anais Nin, best-selling erotic author 

Praise in public, criticize in private.” – Pat Williams, best-selling author 

“If everything seems under control you’re not going fast enough.” – Champion race car driver Mario Andretti  

“Get the best people; then get the best out of your people.” -- Pat Williams, best-selling author


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