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Interview With Social Media Author Jameliah Gooden


Pastor Jameliah Gooden, host of the popular Car Chronicles Movement on social media, offers thought-provoking prompts to bring fun and insightful discussions to your social media posts in his new book. With over 500,000 followers on Facebook, Pastor Jameliah knows how to get the conversation started. Offering seventy-two original and inspiring topics, The Pocketbook is your pint-sized companion for creating a social media buzz and connecting to your friends, family, and followers. 

1. Why did you write this book?

The reason I wrote this book is because we are living in a post era. Everything is about what is posted on social media. This is a guide intended to pick your brain to help you discover your inner voice and put it on the page to hopefully encourage engagement from somebody who reads your social media post.

2. What is it about and who is it really for?

The Pocket Book is about building a social media persona and helping navigate through followers likes and connect with a person who is looking for a pick me up. It is for anyone who has a desire to help build someone’s hope. 

3. What do you hope readers will get out of reading your book?

I hope the reader will feel uplifted and find wisdom nuggets in every page post. Each prompt provides a space to take notes and gives readers a chance for self discovery and reflection on the opposite page from what they read.

4. How did you decide on your book’s title and cover design?

The book cover, and title is part of my personality and most women you might know are attracted to pretty colors and reliant on a good pocketbook. Remember what meets the eye will ignite your inner diva and cause you to  gravitate towards it.  With men I suspect there will be a curiosity that comes with a book cover that looks like a designer bag. 

5. What advice or words of wisdom do you have for fellow writers?

Wisdom can never come straight from a book. It is always written from someone who has a level of divine knowledge that they choose to share with the world. It comes from character. It comes from self taught lessons, that life brings and a faith in God.  

6.  What trends in the book world do you see -- and where do you think the book publishing industry is heading? 

The trends that I see now are based upon how-to guides the world has changed from the time and updated.  We now need a ho-to guide to function in this new normal, the book publishing industry is now in competition with social media and technology in a famous college called YouTube and TikTok.  The standard how-to guide has to change so the writer of any book is empowering their readers with knowledgeable nuggets and a blueprint on how to gravitate the attention of those who need to learn how to handle every situation uniquely to bring about positive results they’ve never thought of before.  


7. Were there experiences in your personal life or career that came in handy when writing this book? 

Absolutely life is a teacher, and every page in the book was an experience that allowed me to post in the book to help someone else. For instance, I have taught my children that I  will give them the hard truth because someone is gonna come along and tell you a soft lie and that won't serve them well. This came from my experiences in life and I now teach the world to be careful when taking someone's word, because you might be so enamored by them you forget to look for the action experience. Actions speak so much louder than words.

8.  How would you describe your writing style? Which writers or books is your writing similar to?

I don’t believe so much in the writing style. I believe words have a level of creativity. They have a rhythm and show where you are at the time you write.  You could be writing a horror or you could be writing a classic. You could even be writing a mystery. You could find an expression of what you are living by writing a book of poetry or a haiku. It all depends on where you are at that time. My next book it’s going to be a nailbiter. It’s unusual for a person like myself, but inside of everyone is a writer and outside of someone who is writing is someone eager to read your story. It’s only based upon what chapter they walked into and where you were at the time of your life. 

9. What challenges did you overcome in the writing of this book?

One of the challenges that I faced is that this  book is so tiny, however, it is a small book that packs a powerful punch of wisdom nuggets so the challenge was the size , size does matter to some but wisdom nuggets are priceless. They come when you least expect them, because the size doesn't  matter when something is spoken, and good people will receive it no matter what the packaging size is. This book is small but powerful. The packaging is cute but the nuggets are the punch. 

10. If people can buy or read one book this week or month, why should it be yours?

I hope people will just read, even though I have written this book there are books out there to read. However, if you are struggling in social media, and you require to build a brand, and or a following, this could be on how-to guide to strike the curiosity of a person coming to your page. If you can have them stand still long enough to digest what you post and give the right breadcrumbs of advice, then they will come back for more because you have taught them something that they had previously overlooked in life. They’ve now found a reason on your page and they will come back because you just dropped a very big bread crumb. This book is the bread crumbs and I hope someone will pick it up and discover something you posted has had a profound impact on them.


About The Author:  Jameliah Gooden and her husband Fred are pastors at Unity Church of Charlotte, in Charlotte, North Carolina. She is also the host of the world-renowned Facebook Live show Car Chronicles Movement, with over 500,000 followers. You can also find the Goodens together on Facebook for their Coupling series, where they discuss solutions for maintaining healthy relationships. Jameliah’s best-selling self-help book, The Death of the Angry Black Woman, addresses the stereotypes Black women face and uncovers the seeds that lead many to live anger-filled lives.You can also check out her Amazon #1 New Release, A Needle in a Haystack. You can find Gooden online at


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