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A Book Of Interesting Library Facts

“To encounter a library full of books we have not read is to be offered an unparalleled resource of knowledge and possibilities,” writes Claire Cook-Starkey in A Library Miscellany.  “There is great comfort in the existence of libraries – just knowing that our cultural knowledge, history and literary output are protected, organized and available to anyone gives solace.”

This handy little book covers all things library, from lost libraries like The Libraries of Timbuktu, Ancient Library of Alexandria, and Glasgow School of Art Library, to the world’s largest libraries: (Library of Congress U.S.) The British Library (London), and Library and Archives (Canada).

While reading this book, you learn:

·         The oldest library in the English-speaking world is Chetham Library in Manchester, established in 1653.  It’s in England.
·         The tallest library in the world is Shanghai Library (24 floors) in China (325 feet high).
·         Over 200,000 libraries in 135 countries have adopted the Dewey Decimal Classification system (created in 1873).
·         From 1883 to 1929, Carnegie used $56 million to build 2509 libraries across the English-speaking world (including 1689 in USA and 660 in the UK).
·         There are 15 presidential libraries.  The first president to have a library was FDR in 1941.  One for Obama opens in 2020.
·         George Orwell’s writings are archived at University College London Library and Victor Hugo’s papers are stored at John Rylands Library in Manchester.
·         The oldest public library still housed in its original building is the Biblioteca Malatestiana in Cessena Italy, founded in 1452.  The first public library in the U.S. opened in 1833 in New Hampshire (Peterborough Library).
·         Harvard University Library, 1638, is the oldest American University library in use but other libraries in use but other libraries are many centuries older, such as Al-Qarawiyyin University Library in Fez (859).
·         A book taken out of a library in 1789 by George Washington, The Law of Nations, was returned 221 years later, in 2010.
·         The first person in America to contain books was in Nantucket, MA, built in 1676 but in 1820 the first official prison library in America was built at Kentucky State Prison.
·         NYPL rules state you can’t engage in sexual conduct nor sleep in the library while the National Library of China says you can’t bring food or drinks to the library or smoke there.
·         The first Librarian’s convention was held in NYC in 1853.
·         In 1911, the New York Public Library opened to the public.
·         In 1971, Project Gutenberg established itself as the first free online library of e-books.

Just as treasures can be discovered at a library, this book offers a treasure of stats and facts that should interest any bibliophile and library fan.

“The library is the heart of the university.”
--Sterling Memorial Library at Yale University motto

“Books alone rare liberal and free.  They give to all who ask.  They emancipate all who serve them faithfully.”
--LA Public Library motto

“Enlighten the people ---and tyranny and oppressions of body and mind will vanish like evil spirits at the dawn of day.”
--University Library at Rhode Island motto

“While men have wit to read, and will to know, the door to learning is the open book.”
--Brooklyn Public Library motto

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