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What Kind Of Book Marketer Do You Want To Be?

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Consider This:
·         Are you looking to do enough things and experiment, in hopes something will help you break through the clutter?
·         Are you seeking to do a number of things so, cumulatively, you will see a bump in sales, but don’t expect any one area to lead the way?
·         Are you doing it solo all the way, or also hiring others, or only hiring others to take the marketing over?
·         What percentage of your time and money is budgeted for PR, advertising, marketing and sales?

Are You Filling A True Need? Put It In Perspective.
If so, what is that need? What exactly is it that people need that you are offering to satisfy? Is it more than one need? How does that need rank against all of their other needs?

Once You Have Identified The Need, Think About:
·         How to appeal to them emotionally
·         How to appeal to them financially
·         How to appeal to them egotistically

What will resonate with them? Are they looking for answers that you can supply? Is what you offer a quick and easy solution? Is it a costly solution? Is it a timely and comprehensive solution?

When You Pitch Others, Do You:
  • Offer something of value
  • Surprise them
  • Offer a hypothetical situation
  • Tease them a little and make them curious
  • Joke around
  • Create a visual image
  • Offer a contrarian viewpoint
  • Defy convention and expectation
  • Inject controversy
  • Make a bold prediction
  • Offer an exclusive deal
  • Provide a touch of the human element
  • Offer a solution
  • ID a problem or challenge
  • Create a survey/poll
  • Say something poetically and insightfully

Your Marketing Mix
You can market in a hundred different ways, and each way, depending on the cost and quality of the effort, can yield worthwhile results. In order to market effectively you need to make some decisions early on and commit to a game plan. You can always review and alter it – and you should do so!

Think About These Things:
·         What can I pay for vs. get for free?
·         Who can I pay to do something vs. me doing it?
·         What is my marketing budget?
·         How much of my time/budget will be dedicated to advertising, getting news media coverage, social networking, hosting events, attending events, etc.?

You won’t know all of the answers until you experiment and get into it. Test things. Ask others what has worked for them and why. In the end, follow your gut instinct, educate yourself, take a chance, have fun, and keep a positive attitude. Even professional marketers make mistakes, have bad days, get rejected, miss an opportunity, misjudge risks, or fail to get a desired result by far.

You need to be grounded in who you are and in what you are looking to accomplish. You will give it your best – and throw some time, money, and resources at it. But do set limits or guidelines. Don’t wander aimlessly, trying one thing after another without gaining traction in at least one or two areas. Marketing is filled with trial and error stories. All you need is to find something that works for you and then to further explore that area.

“If you tell a big enough lie and tell it frequently enough, it will be believed.”
--Adolf Hitler

“It is enough that the people know there was an election.  The people who cast the votes decide nothing.  The people who count the votes decide everything.”
--Joseph Stalin

“Alternative facts aren’t facts they are falsehoods.”

--Chuck Todd, NBC’s Meet the Press


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