Wednesday, June 19, 2019

One Of The Most Important Books Of Today: Trusted Healers

                                    TRUSTED HEALERS: Dr. Paul Grundy and the Global Healthcare Crusade

I don’t often write about my clients at MEDIA CONNECT, the nation’s leading book publicity firm, but after spending time with an author at an event I feel compelled to share with you why this may be the most important book I’ve promoted in years.

Considering I’ve promoted over 1,000 authors, that’s no small statement.  Like a parent who can’t choose favorites amongst his kids, I don’t like to label one book as better than another but Dan Pelino’s and Bud Ramey's Trusted Healers (Koehler Books, September 17, 2019) is a very special book worth the attention of all of us.

Allow me to explain what his book is all about and why we should care.  It touches on the heart of the matter when it comes to our health and the healthcare system of America.  It also looks at global healthcare and shows where our country stacks up.

Pelino, along with co-author Bud Ramey, interviewed dozens of amazing experts in health and wellness, and found that the long-term solution to people living longer comes down to increased healthcare accessibility, the need for everyone to have a primary care medical home, and for consumers to take responsibility for their health with increased awareness and education, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and shunning their addictions through breakthrough brain therapies.

Pelino is thinking big – to revolutionize and transform healthcare as we know it – but he has identified models and studies that work to bring down healthcare costs, improve treatment results, and enhance wellness by avoiding the health problems that derail millions of people.

At the heart of his book, he features the timeless work of Dr. Paul Grundy, a legend who has served four U.S. presidents and is coined the Godfather of Primary Care Medical Home.  He served for two decades as the global director of IBM’s healthcare, and is now the transformation officer of Innovaccer, which provides breakthrough healthcare technologies.  Pelino followed Dr. Grundy across some of the 50 cities and 5 continents that he visited in little more than a one-year period, advocating for how better healthcare can exist for all.

The book doesn’t come out officially for three months (, but special advance copies were made available at an amazing event, The Kennedy Forum, this past week.  The event, attended by over 1,000 people in Chicago, is an annual gathering headed by Patrick Kennedy, the nephew of President John F. Kennedy and a former member of Congress.  His forum highlights what needs to be done to ensure mental health and addiction prevention and recovery get their proper share of resources and attention by our healthcare system.  He’s a staunch advocate for making sure America provides access to mental wellness for all. 

Kennedy wrote in the foreword of Trusted Healers, “You will never look at healthcare the same way again.”  As a result of the book, he introduced Pelino to a crowd of faithful gatherers.   It was a wonderful moment of recognition for the message in the book.

“Dr. Paul Grundy’s crusade to save healthcare is a story that has never been fully told,” says the eight-term congressman.  Trusted Healers does so by producing the transformation of healthcare delivery and the aspiration for better care around the globe.”

Pelino’s book features the leadership insights and breakthrough work of dozens of people, including:

·         Dr. Oz Show co-creator, Dr. Michael Roizen, currently the chief wellness officer at The Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute.
·         One of the 50 most powerful physician executives in healthcare, Glenn D. Steele, MD, Ph.d and the former CEO of Geisinger Health System
·         Former Secretary of Health and Social Care for the U.K, Jeremy Hunt, and Current Secretary of State.
·         CEO of NEXT Integrate Minds Life Sciences, Inc., David Folk

Trusted Healers is about a journey to wellness and identifies what will be needed for a societal change towards healthcare.  Under Pelino’s leadership blueprint, we’re now one step closer to seeing a true revolution in healthcare.

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