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How Do You Create A Successful Book?

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You want to write a great book, get it published, market it, and see it become a best-seller. This is the goal of millions in America. So how does one get from having a desire or concept to a finished product that is successfully branded?

You have a vision.

Then you are on a mission.

So, what is the plan?

You can go it alone – or you can enlist help at every step of the way. So the first thing you need to do is to decide which way you want to proceed.

The loner writes a book, does her own editing, and gets it self-published. This may be the quickest route to getting a book published – and it is the one that ensures the author has total editorial control over the entire process.

But it also means that quality may suffer. If you don’t get a second opinion or the input from professionals, can your book really be the best it can be? Consider utilizing resources that are out there, from script doctors, editors, and publishing consultants, to publicists, branding marketers, and advertising agents. Some or all of them bring resources, perspectives, and ideas to the table that you could not possibly have.

The other end of the equation is to go the traditional publisher route. Find a literary agent and that person lands a publisher. The agent helps you shape how to construct the book so that it is appealing to publishers and the publisher will make it into a marketable and sellable product. They will do the heavy lifting, from editing and cover designing, to selling foreign or film rights, and marketing to the book trade. However, they typically lack the resources to promote your book to the media or brand you as an author or expect for a sustained period of time. So when working with a publisher you still may need to get outside help on your PR.

Another option is the hybrid publisher. This newer breed of publishing partners with authors to share costs – and revenues. They can do a lot of things – but again – this may be lacking in the PR department.

It’s amazing how the publishing industry often ignores or under-mans the one key area – public relations – that can make a book successful. This is why self-publishing has grown wildly. Authors, tired of rejection of their books – or the 12-18-months it takes to get a book out there, realize that the marketing of a book comes down to them, even when they have a publisher. After all, no one is taking full control of your brand or writing career but you. That;s right. It is really up to you to spread the word, impact others, and make a name for yourself.

So what do you do when there is so much that you can be doing?

First, divide, conquer, and dismiss. Determine what needs to be done and decide what you can do/want to do/are capable of doing – and do it. Outsource other key. affordable parts. Dismiss the rest. You simply can’t do everything – so don’t -- and have no regrets.

Second, explore the possibilities between the integral areas of:

·         Speaking appearances
·         Online courses/seminars
·         Advertising
·         Social media
·         Traditional media
·         Online media
·         Bulk sales
·         Awards

Third, map out a detailed marketing plan with a timeline, deadlines, and identifiable goals and resources needed to execute these steps. Have a budget. Leave little to chance or luck. If you want to succeed, plan on it. Then execute it.

It is okay to dream a little. That is necessary. But it is also necessary to strategize, work hard, and to take a savvy approach to your writing career. You are in charge of your destiny!


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