Sunday, May 3, 2020

Authors & Publishers Should Work With Bookshop To Grow Book Sales is coming in 2020 - Mountains and Plains Independent ... is a fairly new online retail platform for selling books. It could end up siphoning lots of business from Amazon and provide customers with a way to support indie bookstores. It could create a healthy balance in the book trade between amazon, Barnes & Noble and indies. Authors and publishers should educate the public and provide this ordering option when sharing sales information for their books.

“ hopes to play Rebel Alliance to Amazon’s Empire,” says the Chicago Tribune. “An Indie Alternative to Amazon,” says Poets & Writers.

So what exactly is Bookshop? Who is this new kid on the block?

I will let it describe itself, as per its website:

“Bookshop is an online bookstore with a mission to financially support independent bookstores and give back to the book community.

“We believe that bookstores are essential to a healthy culture of readers and writers. They’re where authors can connect with readers, where we discover new writers, where children get hooked on the thrill of reading that can last a lifetime. They’re also anchors for our downtowns and communities.

“As more people buy their books online, we wanted to create an easy, convenient way to get your books and still support local bookstores. We also wanted to create a place where authors, groups, individuals, and publications can earn affiliate fees that benefit local bookstores.

"We hope that Bookshop can help strengthen the fragile ecosystem and margins around bookselling and keep local bookstores an integral part of our culture and communities.

"Bookshop also has an affiliate program that allows anyone to earn a commission from selling books, while giving back to bookstores. So if you have a bookclub, or a PTA, or a website, or a  #bookstagram feed, sign up to be an affiliate to be rewarded for your advocacy of books--Bookshop wants to give back to you, as a supporter of reading and independent bookstores!

"Bookshop will be a B-Corp - a corporation dedicated to the public good. By design, we give away about 75% of our profit margin to the stores, publications, and people that make up the thriving, inspirational culture around books!”

So how does it help raise funds for indie bookstores?

Its site says:

“Bookshop supports indies in two ways: 10% of all non-bookstore affiliate sales on go to support participating ABA independent bookstores (who opt in with in an overall earnings pool that is evenly divided and distributed to stores every six months.

“ABA Bookstores that are affiliates, who sell books online using Bookshop (by sharing links their Bookshop link on social media, email newsletters, on their websites, etc.) will earn 25% commission directly on any sales they generate, without having to do the work of keeping inventory, picking, packing, shipping or handling complaints and returns. All 25% of the sales will go straight to this particular bookstore.

"Want to set up an affiliate’s account:? You can create an account at If you’re a bookseller who wants to sign on, email Sarah at"

I look forward to buying books at 

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