Thursday, May 28, 2020

What Does Great Book Marketing Boil Down To?

15-Step Book Marketing Strategy - Lisa Larter

To promote and market a book, one has many resources at their disposal. Social media, advertising, public appearances, online seminars, traditional media, and email campaigns are some of the most common and effective routes. But things take time, money, and brain power. To successfully execute a PR campaign, what is the best way to go?

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, whether it is a book, a service, a restaurant, a product, or a non-profit. What works for one, fails another. Luck, timing, location, price, competition, and dozens of other factors will determine the fate of any marketing venture.

Now, this does not mean that success comes randomly or without reason. No, there are best practices out there, and certain approaches make more sense than others. But it is not guaranteed. The secret sauce recipe is not firm. The formula for authors and publishers can change — and does.

Let’s look at the core basics and have you make a checklist as to whether you are positioned to make your book publishing career a winner. Again, nothing guarantees success, but we can narrow down the window for failure. Take a look at these factors:

·         Authors need a strong willingness to embrace risk: risk of failure and risk of success. Be willing to experiment and try new things that don’t always seem like a sure thing.

·         Success comes to those who call upon their resources – your connections, money, time, knowledge, skills, enthusiasm, and attitude.

·         Be willing to learn more and grow your skill set. All of your training, experiences, and education come into play here.

·         Authors have a better chance of success when they are full of energy and guide it in the right direction.

·         Their attitude is not ego-driven but rather it is results-oriented and the source of an author’s motivation should be to advance their ideas and writings, to help others, and to grow their careers.

·         When you set goals – and keep pushing yourself to meet them – you increase your chances of succeeding. And should you reach a goal, set another.

·         Act out of a strong conviction for your work. Believe in yourself and it will show in your interaction with others.

·         You need to be packing some street savvy as well. This can’t be taught, but the gullible must toughen up.

·         Being organized, a planner, and one who measures results is important as well. If you fail to monitor, analyze and plan you will have a road map to no where.

A great book marketing campaign is similar to one’s investment portfolio approach. You don’t put all of your eggs in one basket. You diversify, limit exposure, and take action based on research and reasonable analysis.

Sometimes, book marketing feels like a heavy lift with slow results and lots of expenses or time invested. It can seem like a diet, the one where you feel food-srarved and exercise-exhausted. But then, as time goes by, if you put in the hard work and take small steps, you come to realize that you have lost weight and made progress. The same holds true with your book publicity efforts. 

Give it some time and plenty of hustle – and you will start to see positive results.


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