Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Market Your Book Like Ferris, A Rescue Doggy

I adopted a black labrador retriever a little over a month ago. He is more than my quarantine dog. He is a companion and a true family member that I hope to be with for a long time. He also reminds me that perhaps old authors can learn new book marketing tricks.

We named him Ferris after the movie character, Ferris Bueller. He was claimed off the streets as a stray from Lucky Lab Rescue down in Oklahoma. They don’t have any history on him and his foster mom of a month said he is a sweety. We saw a photo online and a ten-second video clip. We basically adopted him knowing nothing, not even getting to meet him until he was ours. I couldn’t be happier.

He seems trained, disciplined, loving, healthy, smart, and playful. I can’t stop gushing about the four-pawed fella. He is a gentle creature with a terrific disposition. Ok, enough gushing over this beautiful dog. Here are book marketing lessons Ferris has taught me:

1. Never give up on your baby. 
Ferris was counted out, left on the streets to fend for himself. Put into the system, he could have remained in a cage, not adopted, or worse, he could have been euthanized. But he persevered, got lucky, and now has a fresh start with us. You, too, may have been left behind or felt abandoned, by society or by your own doing. Don't give up. Give yourself a second chance.

2. Get to know your strengths. 
Ferris couldn't tell us what he could do -- he had to show us. We had to be patient to see how he acts in certain situations and environments. You too must figure out what you are capable of and good at doing to help your book marketing along.

3. Use your assets well.
Ferris is a good-looking, sleek-looking athletic dog, so he enjoys lots of compliments and gets so many walks with us. You, too, have natural skills and strengths -- or resources -- to help your cause. cash in on whatever you are good at and apply it to your book marketing.

4. Work hard but play hard, too.
Ferris teaches me about play time and the rewards that come from hard work. Ok, he doesn't work hard, though he is dedicated to making me happy, and in return, I offer playtime with him. You, too, should balance your time for working hard -- and then letting yourself feel entitled to play, roll-over, or take a nap at 2 pm.

5. Pace yourself.
He can walk for miles, even in the summer's high-noon heat. But he knows to rest in between these walks, and pants enough to keep up with the elements. You, too, can pace your efforts.

6. Be goal-oriented. 
Ferris has simple needs, but he keeps his eye on the prize -- belly rubs, snacks, couch time, chipmunk chasing, and chin scratches. You must be focused on your goals and keep an eye on the prize.

One dog is the same as another and yet they are each unique with their own habits and ways
and breed traits. Many authors are the same as each other, each confronting the book marketing puzzle with their own unique habits, ideas, and assets. You can rescue your book marketing effort, just as we salvaged Ferris. I couldn't be happier. 

You will thrive -- just give your self a second chance. And earn a bone!


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