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How To Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

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There are many ways to honor and celebrate International Book Lovers Day, which is celebrated on August 9th of this year. It should be one of the happiest days of the year for you!

Though this is an unofficial holiday, it is widely observed to encourage bibliophiles to celebrate reading and literature. Everyone is advised to put away their smartphones and every possible technological distraction and pick up a book to read. Books have delighted the world for many centuries, and play a key role in entertaining, informing, enlightening, and inspiring our society, and as such, they should be celebrated every day!

Here are 21 ways to celebrate:

1.      Read any book – try a new author, genre, or format.

2.      Read a book to a child.

3.      Have a child read to you.

4.      Support your local library with a financial donation

5.      Visit your library and get a good book to read.

6.      Show support for your local independent bookstore and purchase a book.

7.      Go to a museum and visit displays that support books or reading.

8.      Check out bookstore shelves to compile a list for a future purchase.

9.      Post a book review.

10.  Donate your time or money to literacy organizations and help bring the gift of reading to others.

11.  Discuss free speech, censorship, and book bans with others.

12.  Read the book review section of a magazine or newspaper.

13.  Buy a book as a gift for someone.

14.  Donate books to a school, library, or nonprofit organization.

15.  Volunteer to work at your local library.

16.  Form or join a book club.

17.  Plan a vacation around a library literacy tour.

18.   Talk about books on your social media posts.

19.  Put together list of books that you would like to read and share it with others.

20.  Set a reading goal for each day, week, month, or the rest of the year.

21.  Attend book readings and thank the authors for following their dreams.

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