Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Why Are You Promoting Your Book?

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Whenever I meet a potential client (an author) who is seeking to utilize the public relations firm that I have worked at for 21 years (Media Connect), I ask them three questions:

1.      What is your book about and why did it have to be written by you?

2.      Why did you write it?

3.      What do you hope to accomplish with your book and the PR campaign?

The first two questions are usually answered quite easily, but the last one challenges them a little bit. They have trouble identifying and prioritizing all of the things they hope will come about as a result of the book’s publication. They are even less certain what the publicity campaign could achieve.

Authors need to have clear answers on all of these questions. Many authors are often looking to accomplish a number of things with their book, typically to:

·         Impact others and influence society.

·         Sell more books.

·         Use the book publicity as a way to generate speaking, consulting, or business opportunities.

·         Establish their brand.

·         Help them get a better job, sell a business, or move other products and services.

Some people believe their book and media exposure will help them sell the rights for movies, foreign language translations, or other formats, such as audio. Or it will help them land a big publishing deal for future books.

Others want to serve their fat ego and just swim in a heap of praise and third-party validation.

A handful want to push a political agenda and use the book and media campaign to further a political movement or candidacy.

All authors should have specific goals in mind. They must share these goals with others and plot out a marketing plan, to achieve them. If you don’t know why you are doing something you won’t know what to do to help you get where you want or need to be.

Knowing why you are on a mission will help get others to believe and support you. Everyone is drawn to passionate people who focus on, pursue, and reach out to get what they want. We admire purpose-driven people, especially when they enunciate a vision or share a message we feel obliged to rally around.

Know why you are promoting a book and then pursue your dreams with enthusiasm, confidence, and hope.

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