Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Where Is The News Media That’s Needed Today?

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There is a golden opportunity being missed, one that’s worth billions of dollars. Do you want to know what it is?

A media outlet that focuses on news, not just analysis, commentary, or opinions.

A media outlet that practices true journalistic principles and does not let its premiere coverage come off as an editorial.

A media outlet that, when consumed by readers-listeners-viewers, could not easily or consistently be labeled as liberal or conservative, but rather as neutral or centrist.

A media outlet that varies its coverage, both in the subjects it chooses to cover and in the story angle approaches taken. 

It should not be a crime on the cover, sports on the back, and puzzles in the middle. It should not be 24/7 obsession over one topic or one person. It cannot sound like RNC or DNC platform talking points. It should not leave us feeling sad or angry all of the time, nor should it merely make us feel good with no substantive reason for doing so.

Is this possible?


People are tired of viewing things through one lens. They are tired of trying to watch 30 minutes on Fox to balance out 30 minutes of MSNBC. They don’t want to work so hard to question what is fake news, incompetent news, biased news, or real news.

The nation wants, needs, and deserves a better media. The news media has many, many challenges. Economically, journalistically, and politically. 

Is it possible to craft a media outlet that really seeks to get to the facts, present them in a fair way, and pushes away from the media-personality and gossip/opinion approach taken by so many news channels?

The media is not a united industry. Each media outlet competes with the other – for attention, ad dollars, and journalistic talent. Almost all of the media outlets fall short – consistently – of what they should be doing. America is less informed today than a generation ago, even though it consumes far more information than ever before. 

How could this be?

Garbage in, garbage out. We are inundated with slanted media pieces, from online to television, or radio to newspapers and magazines. 

The time is ripe for someone to launch a new media outlet, one that actually is dedicated to the news and facts. It would be a novelty. 

And it could make billions.

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