Saturday, April 20, 2019

Do You Have Time to Write – and Live?

It’s easy to tune out the world and just spend a lifetime writing and reading books.  But the ideal would be to have both – to experience life firsthand AND to interpret it with your writings AND to get lost in different or better worlds that books provide us.  Is this really possible?

Factors are time, money, and the human capacity for creating, experiencing, and observing.

Let’s look at all of them:

Time:  How do you schedule your most precious commodity so that you can do what you need to do, what you want to do, and to write, and to read?

Money:  It goes hand in hand with time.  You need time to make money and money allows you to have time to read and write – and to experience life.

Human Capacity: It requires a shift in our emotional state to observe via book and not participate in life, and then to participate in life with risks and rewards, and then to have the creative ability to funnel your experiences, observations, and dreams into your writings.

We, as humans, have been trying to figure out forever how we can balance work and play, writing and living, learning and doing. It’s a challenge that few of us have been able to meet.

Sometimes it seems like a vicious cycle.  We work to gain money so that we can afford to not work and have more time to experience, explore, read, and write – but the more we don’t work, the more likely we’ll run out of resources, thus, requiring us to work some more.

Being human is a multi-dimensional experience. A part of us wants to take and be given things while another part wants to be charitable, help others, and give back to society.  We find humor and reward in work – and yet we dream of vacations, sleep, and time to just lounge.  We like to read about a better life or world, but then we want to be the one to help create it, both with actions and our writings.  I guess we are always in some state of want or imbalance.  To be human is to never really be satisfied.

But to be human is to always deny the reality we feel confronted by.  We look to change things, make adjustments, and rearrange our surroundings.  Sometimes we destroy more than nurture, dismiss more than love, and lose more than gain.  But we are curious, creative, and compassionate, so if our actions can be driven more by those things than greed, ignorance, or selfishness, we’ll grow as a society and individually.

Or maybe we’ll just destroy the world.  The odds really favor destruction.  War, nuclear weapons, hate, fear, ignorance, and environmental degradation can easily beat out peace, love, and democracy.  It only takes a few insane or hate-filled or greedy people to plunge the world into death and despair, while it seems like it takes the masses to preserve and save the world.

Perhaps, that’s a dark, pessimistic take on things.  Perhaps it’s merely an accurate reflection of world history.  It’s something I would rather be wrong about.  The world needs its balance of time – a time for work, play, rest, creativity, learning, dreaming, and observing.  We need a life that allows enough time to write and read – and to contribute to society while being self-sufficient.

How will you carry out enough time for what’s needed and desired, for what you would like to do and have to do?


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